Georgia Tech’s Spread Option Explained

Here’s a summary of what Georgia Tech’s offense does, courtesy of the school. Note that it states Coach Paul Johnson “does not script plays, or carry a chart of any kind.”

Georgia Tech’s offense is called the spread option. It is not the “triple option”. The triple option is just one play, or a series of plays, within the offense. Tech runs the triple option roughly 20 percent of the time.

• There are two A-Backs, or slot-backs, that usually line up outside and behind the tackles (there is no tight end). The A-Back is a hybrid position, part runner and part receiver.

• Many people call the B-Back the fullback because he lines up directly behind the quarterback. NFL guys Jonathan Dwyer (Steelers) and Anthony Allen (Ravens) were Tech B-backs.

• There are two wide receivers, who usually receive single coverage. Demaryius Thomas (Broncos) starred in this offense while at Tech.

• The quarterback is rarely in the shotgun, but otherwise there are more similarities with the popular spread offenses than most people think.

• The offense produces – or is capable of producing – big plays. Tech had 67 plays of 20-plus yards this season (39 rush, 28 pass), including 12 plays longer than 50 yards. Twenty-four of Tech’s touchdowns this season came on scoring drives of five plays or less.

• Paul Johnson is one of the few head coaches to serve as both head coach and offensive coordinator.

• Johnson does not script plays, or carry a chart of any kind.


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