Morning Buzz

Is this the day Matt Barkley tests his sprained shoulder? Should he even try to play in the Sun Bowl? Is it in his interest or USC’s for him to try to play?

At least there are some interesting questions to be answered in the run-in to the Sun Bowl.

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  • Spedjones

    Matt’s over. No way he should play, even if healthy. Out with the old…

    • gotroy22

      Coach owes him for turning down tens of millions of dollars and coming back.

      • Owes him ? LOL, no one is owed anything.

      • Spedjones

        dude, you so crazy! Why would Lame miss a chance to let next year’s QB play? Just so Matt can feel good for a night? Program’s bigger than any kid. Especially one who throws as many picks as Barfly.

        • gotroy22

          You’re right, Kiffin is benching Matt after all. Now his decision to come back looks even worse!

    • F Barkley

  • Golden Trojan

    Maybe he will throw fewer INTs with a bum shoulder, sure wasn’t too good with a good one. Let MB play 1-2 quarters, if 100%, say they’re resting his shoulder and give it to Max the rest of the way.

  • steveg

    Is this about the 3rd time you have asked this question here on this blog. Why do you strive to be so mediocre.