USC Arrives In El Paso

Photo/USC Athletics

And Lane Kiffin is in full bowl mode wearing a sombrero at the El Paso Airport. Who needs the Rose Bowl?

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  • Wow. Bucket got a ticket!

    • Sorry, my mistake. It’s Ben Doverz with Kiff

  • Golden Trojan

    LK earned his $2.4 Million with this pic. Lane in an undersized sombrero, reminds me of the M Dukakis tank helmet photo(before many of you were born).

  • Spedjones

    Haha, lol. As if this year’s cr@ppy trogan team wasn’t enough, now Lame is forced to wear that hat. Perhaps there is a God.

    • There is, and he wears USC gear.

      • Spedjones

        So you’re saying he’s a cheating underachiever with a bad coach? Man, millions of Christians are gunna be bummed.

  • betomas

    Kiff looks like a pathetic, wannabe. He should apologize to all Mexicans for that stupid picture.

  • betomas

    …and people, stop posting dumb comments. It’s unbecoming of you all. Prof B. has spoken, so respect.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Many would say his head is still bigger than that hat

  • ThaiMex

    Nice photo of GoatBoy w/former Torgan great, Eduardo (The Chinese Viking) Hernandez, playing another exciting round of Rock, paper, scissors….(in the event of a tie, they go off to Kiff’s room for One Round of HIDE THE BURRITO).
    fit on torgans!

  • Are they in El Paso or Tel Aviv?

  • ThaiMex

    Caption contest…..

    “He likes it when I put in 2 fingers and spread them, like this”

  • Swoll Francis

    If the hat fits, wear it. He’ll be a migrant looking for trabajo soon enough…

    Ha HA!