More Barkley On Playcalling

Matt Barkley was also asked if there were specific things he would have liked to happen offensively this season that did not.

“Certain specific things, but those are between the coaching staff and me,” Barkley said.


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  • Come on Scott, what are they? You have inside sources…..oh, forgot, Martin is gone.

  • nard dog

    This blog is a piece of shiat run by a crappy writer. It smells like farts. Happy New Year to all. Now kiss my ass Wolfbag.

  • like how Honey Boo Boo said on Dan Patrick they focused too much on Marquise Lee?? was that an example of the highly confidential info between only HBB and Kiff????

  • Golden Trojan

    Scott there have to be some journalism seminars you can go to to learn how to investigate and report something of substance. You do have a fun blog for the rest of us, I’ll give you that. But you can’t report for crap.