Morning Buzz

What looked like a sleepy week leading up to the Sun Bowl instantly morphed into a fiery atmosphere in El Paso on Wednesday night after USC showed up more than 90 minutes late to a dinner featuring both teams.

El Paso residents are already edgy because USC players slammed their city. Then the Trojans, delayed from practice and a possible injury, came so late that Georgia Tech stormed out of the dinner.

The event is actually anticipated locally because the teams perform comedy skits. The highlight in 1998 was Carson Palmer’s impression of Paul Hackett.

So while I’m sure Lane Kiffin will say the right things today, he also needs to remember that merely wearing a sombrero is not enough to earn the respect of your host this week.



  • ThaiMex

    Kiffy is a HORSES ASS…and goes out of his way to prove it every week. He’s perfect for The University of So-little Class. 90 minutes late to a scheduled dinner, In Game jersey switching, deflated balls, storming out of press conferences, not allowing visiting teams pre game walk thru’s, throwing players under the bus (while defending the OLD GOAT), and wrongfully attacking Wolfie. I hope he’s around for another 4 years and continues to “successfully” recruit those with the dreaded “CHARACTER ISSUES”….It’s all, just…..PRICELESS!
    LIMBO U…Where there’s always room to go just a little bit LOWER!
    With all the f-ups…you gotta believe SouthWest Airlines needs to contact Haden to appear in one of those “Need to Get Away Quick?” commercials.
    fit on torgan!

    • Joe Blow

      Home from the swing shift?

      • ThaiMex

        Nubsie taking a page from Mr. Ambien (Jethro)? Sorry for ignoring you nubsie….You little attention whore! What’s up big fella…You and “Mono” (rhymes with you know what) have another Cat Fight? Relief is on the way….Torganfan sounds like the kind of guy who could be right up your “ALLEY”…, know what I’m sayin. Be safe…and use protection!
        fit on torgan!

        • Joe Blow

          How’s the IE. I’m sure El Paso looks like a resort to you. How was Christmas with bRinBoob and the 3 slobs? Good luck tonight. GREAT bowl game. Boy, the 2013 SC team will be shaking when they see the lowlights. ( nobody will be watching it live ). Did you get Kiff’s pool clean yesterday? He told me you did a poor job on the restroom in the pool house on Christmas Day. And that’s
          NO BS

          • Charles Bucket

            yeah ’cause you and Kiff chat about pool houses. HAWR-HAWR!!!

            i suspect a trailer with a plastic blue tarp on the roof is more likely for you dummy!!


            Thai: as always, those are some trOXan-crushing blows!!!

          • Joe Blow

            Sh!tbucket, that may be what you do in the IE, but down at the beach, we have a pool house. Come on down. It’s alway nice to have someone to clean up the restroom.

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      MAYBE, just maybe, you could get some facts correct. USC arrived 30 minutes late after Georgia Tech arrived (and left) 30 minutes early. Do some research and get some facts, idiot.

      • godawgs

        Were you there ThaiMex or did you get this info from Kiffin himself?

    • TrojanFan

      We all know you like HORSES ASS…..LOL!….But SHUT THE FUCK UP, you keep saying the same fucking thing over and over and over….no one around gives a fuck what your opinion is, we all laugh at your stupid ass

      What’s PRICELESS is 0 for 3, outscored 111 to 60 and not one meaningful win in well over a decade. Face it, the wheels are coming loose and someone might fall off their scooter again

  • tymks

    Another spoiled brat riding the shirt tail of his successful father. Really, what has he done to justify his cocky attitude? First at Tennessee, now at USC. Daddy is gone Lane. Keep up these antics and you will be history too, Lane.

  • uclaSUCKS

    LA Times says team was “about an hour late,” not “more than 90 minutes,” as Wolfie reports. The Times actually includes an explanation from the athletic department that Wolfie apparently didn’t get: “A USC athletic department spokesman said the Trojans’ tardiness was
    because of their late arrival at the airport, which pushed back the
    start of practice and their return to the team hotel before they
    departed for the dinner. The spokesman said USC apprised bowl officials
    of its delays.”

    Maybe not the “fiery atmosphere” that Wolfie reports.

  • Golden Trojan

    This falls on Haden, JK and LK. It’s December! Ever hear of flight delays due to weather? You fly the team out, you get in late and you still try to hold a practice that makes you late for a dinner that others are expecting you! Classless and selfish. They don’t care about the bowl and the events around it, makes me think they don’t care about the game. It’s only about the extra practice time. Smells like they are going to run their Sun Bowl record to 0-3.

    • dtksr1

      A top University program like USC should not look mis-managed like this. Haden needs to stand there in front of all the cameras and face the pointed questions everytime this once-proud-but-now-sinking-ship messes up, since he supports Kiffin 150%. Where is he? Better yet, he supposedly hired his pal JK McKay to specifically oversee the football program alone. Where the hell is this wage earner?

      • Golden Trojan

        Exactly, how embarrassing, El Paso may be a back water town with a minor Bowl, but act with appreciation, grace and style not like a bunch of Spoiled Children as UCLA likes to call us!

        • Ben Doverz

          I’m sure the team will be up for the game, hahaha, not.

      • Joe Blow

        Job Hopper is at the bank depositing his check.

  • Swoll Francis

    So while I’m sure NOBS will say the right things today, he also
    needs to remember that merely wearing a gimp suit is not enough to earn
    the respect of your host this week.

    Ha HA!

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Fire this clown before he drags us through another mud puddle…he knows he’s gone after sanctions are done and he is going to make us as miserable as possible as payback for losing his job. If Kiffin can’t win with top 5 recruiting classes, than he can’t coach a lick.

    • QueenKiff

      Just a like a little toddler figuring out that when he doesn’t get what he wants he can give everyone a taste of his misery by through a tantrum and/or pooping his diapers as Kiff equivalently does on the sideline.

  • dtksr1

    Its hysterical how Haden (thru Nikias of course) allows Kiffin to mis-manage just about everything he runs. I think the proper thing to do, every time Kiffins screws up something, the press immediately goes after Haden to talk about it in front of TV cameras and tarnish his goldenboy image. Maybe he wouldn’t be so smilley all the time in his support of Kiffin.

  • Biff

    The big highlight of this event was Carson Palmer doing Hackett? That says it all, eh Mr. Wolf?

  • Ben Doverz

    The hits just keep on coming from Kiffin, what a disgrace.

  • QueenKiff

    Too bad Carson Palmer isn’t here to give an impression of Kiffin. Just go up in front of everybody and vomit on the floor. Or break a broomstick of in his butt.