Sun Bowl Controversy Already

USC is already off to a rocky start in El Paso after showing up more than 90 minutes late to a joint dinner at the Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino. A Sun Bowl official said Georgia Tech was furious it waited so long and Coach Paul Johnson took his team back to the hotel before USC arrived.

“They were pretty upset,” the official said.

USC started practice later than scheduled, which apparently helped account for the delay. This is Strike 2 for the Trojans in El Paso following linebacker Tony Burnett’s negative tweets about the city following the Trojans’ Sun Bowl bid.

And Strike 3 might be defensive tackle Leonard Williams’ derogatory tweet Wednesday that referred to El Paso as a “(expletive) city.”

24 thoughts on “Sun Bowl Controversy Already

  1. And who’s to blame? Idiot boy Kiffin.
    This is making the team and the university look bad. A debacle in El Paso to add to an already disastrous season. What a selfish idiot.

    • Hey did you read the article, idiot. The flight from LA was delayed……talk about a dimwitted

  2. Way to Keep It CLASSY Torgans. Already known as a Joke for Academics…and Sanctions…Goat Boy is the perfect coach for that little dump on Figueroa. At least Tony Burnett know what he’s talking (tweeting) about…since he’s from the GARDEN SPOT of Southern California, WATTS. LIMBO U….not surprisingly, continues to go a LITTLE LOWER!
    fit on torgan!

    • USC is ranked 24th in the nation for academics. With how sophomoric your post is I seriously doubt you went to a top 200 let alone a top 25 school.

      • How dare you Scott. ThaiBean graduated from the #1 janitorial university in the country and was at the top of his class! He cleans most of the restrooms at fast food joints in the IE. Next time you’re on Route 66 (probably never), pull in for a BM. Very impressive quarters.

    • USC does not rely upon funding confiscated from producers. Assuming that you were educated beyond high school, ThaiMex (quite a presumptive leap)–how was your alma mater sponsored?

    • What’s wrong with Watts? Is that comment supposed to be insulting to Tony Burnett? I mean, UCLA players come from the same areas as USC players. All Los Angeles kids. So is there something different about Tevin McDonald smoking pot and being suspended (but still being a good kid) than Tony Burnett saying he isn’t particularly thrilled about being in El Paso on New Years Eve? Just don’t see any point to your comment. Yeah. Watts isn’t a great area. Neither is most the rest of LA where UCLA and USC players come from……………. idiot.

  3. Another spoiled brat riding the shirt tail of his successful father. Really, what has he done to justify his cocky attitude? A real coach doesn’t go 7- 5 with a team full of talent like USC has this year. Daddy is gone Lane. First at Tennessee, now at USC. Keep up these antics and you will be history too, Lane.

  4. It’s really sad to see a team disrespect the Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino like that.

  5. This guy continues to embarrass our school. When is enough enough. I am almost willing to bet money that lane will do something really really dumb that will have grave consequences for our school before he is finally fired by the moronic Pat Haden. Get lost lane. Fire Kiffin, hire Chris Peterson or Gary Patterson.

    • Pat a moron? You are the first person I have ever known to insult the man. He is a genuinely great guy. Not sure where your temper tantrum came from but you should try some relaxing breathing techniques. Lane Draws ire because the media is mad at him for keeping them accountable. Then the sheep like you parrot what the media says. Sad.

  6. Here’s the REAL Story behind the dinner. Thanks to REPORTER Dan Weber. If only Wolfbag had a shread of integrity.

    ” Columnist Dan Weber

    Tex. — After suffering through a night of unremitting criticism for the late
    arrival at the Sheriff’s Posse Dinner Wednesday, USC has begun something of a defense.

    And it’s a pretty good one.

    All you have to do to put
    this into some sort of perspective is look at the official bowl schedule of
    events, one that USC shared with us, for the two teams on

    Georgia Tech, which arrived late in town and did not practice,
    was to arrive at the dinner at 6:30 p.m. The Yellow Jackets arrived at

    USC was supposed to arrive at 6:45 for the buffet style meal that had
    one team following the other. USC arrived a half-hour late, at 7:15 p.m. and as
    they were getting there, and Georgia Tech was leaving, the thought was they’d
    actually timed it great because there was no line and they could go straight

    Only later after the El Paso Times’ Duke Keith and a person with
    the Georgia Tech team tweeted that USC was late and it was something of an
    embarrassment or a gigantic faux pas, did USC realize how this was going. And
    that they were somehow at fault.

    Because according to the official
    schedule, Georgia Tech was supposed to stay until 8:30 p.m. so the Yellow
    Jackets actually left an hour and 15 minutes earlier than they were supposed to.
    And got no criticism because, of course, they fired the first shot.

    was caught totally surprised because they’d kept the Sun Bowl officials apprised
    all the way through and everyone knew they were running late as the result of a
    flight delay from LA.

    “It wasn’t a problem for anybody,” USC Sports
    Information Director Tim Tessalone said Thursday. “No one was upset.”

    USC did stay all the way though so the Trojans actually spent the same time at
    the dinner as Georgia Tech did. And were closer to keeping to the original
    schedule than the Jackets, who left 75 minutes before they were supposed to,
    were. USC was just a half-hour late.

    But in Lane Kiffin’s world, this is
    how it works. All criticism sticks. It’s all valid.

    To be honest, one of
    the real differences here is USC isn’t looking to be offended as some in the
    Georgia Tech traveling party and the local media seem to be.”
    Don’t forget Scott Wolf, he seems to always take the low road. He reports lies and half truths and therfore by association is a Liar.

  7. Tech coach Paul Johnson will use any negative report, real or concocted, to “prove” to his boys just how much USC disrespects them.

  8. Trojans against a 6-7 Georgia Tech squad that will likely be a cake walk.
    GT wants board matterial
    El paso & L.A same people much love for Texas so dont trip.. so cal in the house. Beautiful women humble people
    El paso great place to be in.

  9. Lame Kiffin is an idiot! Surely someone on the staff knew the start time for the dinner. What a low-class thing for him to be late. He’s an embarrassment to the University and all of us alumni!!

    • You reply like this after the real story is already posted in the comments section? Tip for you, don’t believe everything you first read from the Press, it’s often wrong as these guys post before getting the whole story, hoping to get the Scoop.
      Thanks for jumping the gun again, Scott.

  10. Too many crap Bowl Games anyway.. Should just rename this the Toilet Bowl. Just blame the NCAA for sellout of college athletics.. they screw USC by witch hunt on REggie Bush and everyone is a bad boy Ohio State. .Penn Sate.. serves Hyundai for supporting anything in El Paso.. Mexico anyway.. all Universities are targeted for minor infractions.. look what they did Dez Bryant.. who polices the policemen.. it is corruption at the highest level.. except Alabama of course.. isnt that strange.. an unintended slight and statement from USC…they did not want to be there and should have declined to let other losing programs like GT have a day in the sun… besides an hour is fashionably late and GT was just happy to be anywhere but Georgia..let them eat first.. whiny bitches.. and who cares that GT won.. USC did not care.. enjoy.. good for you.. the team played great congrats ramblin wreak whatever..

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