Vanderdoesn’t Remain Committed To USC

Defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes of Auburn, Calif., told he was no longer committed to the Trojans. Vanderdoes said USC still remains under consideration along with UCLA, Washington and Notre Dame.

The buzz in El Paso tonight is that UCLA is currently the leader for Vanderdoes.

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  • nard dog

    Very clever heading loser. This blog sucks ass.


    Let’s hear it for Lessa’s bRuins!

  • Troy

    You’re three weeks late on this report! Vanderdoes told SC three weeks ago that he was opening his recruitment. Perhaps if you had answered my question in the Open Forum, you would have stumbled on this information and perhaps give us additional information. Shows us that you don’t have any inside information.

    • Cheap seats

      This “blog” isn’t about news.

      It’s about Wolf being butt-hurt from Kiffin and Wolf taking shots at him, remember?

      • TrojanFan

        EXACTLY!…..the wolfman just can’t seem to shake the bad taste in his mouth

  • TrojanFan

    The wolfman is always the last one to the table

  • betomas

    Vanderdoesn’t ultimately mean shit to SC’s recruiting. SC will still have a great recruiting class without him.

    • old_trojan_93

      This explains all the lavishing of attention on Robinson when he visited. I hope we get both him and Adams.

      Vanderdoes, although a good player, won’t make or break this class.

      • TrojanFan

        I don’t think there is room for both on the bus….just saying

        • old_trojan_93

          You were on a roll until your comment about Christmas. Try to not to attempt humour next time.

          • TrojanFan

            What happened old trojan, did i hit a sore spot, ouch!

    • TrojanFan

      Now you’re some recruiting guru…enough with the koolaid

  • 49-26

    • TrojanFan

      49-19…now that’s the true score!

      A 30 point beat down

      I feel so alive

  • TroyFan52

    He won’t be the last either. Wait til GaTech hangs 40 some on the hapless Trojan D. SC accepting applications for defensive coordinator until 5pm on December 31. You can even apply on line!! Check it out!!!!

  • Oh and three, we want more weed

    • gotroy22

      I heard SC is leading again after the Gutties flop against the Bears.

      • Just read TJ… sides are killing me from laughter. WECOME BACK bRuins! Enjoy San Bernardino next year!!

        • gotroy22

          For some reason ruin coaches don’t understand TJ- trying to cut him off or attack him is the worst thing you can do. Pete always knew how to win him over.

  • Did the kid see ucla last night ? HAWR HAWR HAWR

  • steveg

    Vanderdoes will stay a Trojan.

  • oregon111

    maybe he doesn’t like anual trips to el paso for new year’s eve???

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    All I know is that order is restored!