Paul Johnson On Dinnergate

Here’s what Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said about Wednesday’s dinner where USC arrived late and he left before the Trojans arrived.

“We ate and I didn’t see any reason to stick around,” Johnson said. “To me, it has nothing to do with Georgia Tech. We’d finished eating and we left.”


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  • rusoviet

    Frankly Johnson seems as obsessed to deflect any spotlight on his own miserable won loss record based GA Tech being allowed to play in a bowl game @ 6 – 7..

    If reports are right USC showed up one hour late but somehow some 60+ GA Tech players plus staff and others all finished within an hour.

    I get Kiffin once again showing no understanding of clock management and in fairness maybe Johnson felt it was smarter to leave rather than during USC’s dining.

    “We didn’t come here to act monkeys for anyone!” Good ole Jerome Brown before his platoon walked out of the meal with PA St.. 1987 Fiesta Bowl

  • nard dog

    Nothing to do with Georgia Tech? That doesn’t even make sense. You sure you got the quote right Wolfbag? Loser. This blog sucks ass.

  • Burp!

  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf is just a gossip writer that belongs at the National Inquirer. This is such a non story, enough already. The Sheriffs Auxillary sets up a buffet dinner for the teams to get an easy meal their first night. GT gets there 30 min early, eats and leaves, USC gets there 30 min late eats and leaves. That’s it no one was dissed, no entertainment was planned and had to be cancelled.

    • gotroy22

      Did the Japanese go and sit down and have dinner with Pearl Harbor before they bombed them?

  • Paul Johnson reminds me of a Koala Bear. He eats (,) shoots (,) and leaves.

    • grave soul

      …or a panda, but very true.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Frankly, one team came to eat last night