Kiffin And Playcalling

USC coach Lane Kiffin keeps getting asked if he might allow someone else call plays next season. Since he is no hiring an offensive coordinator, that leaves current offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu.

“A lot of coaches that call plays that I’ve been around, it’s very difficult to give up,” Polamalu said. “We have not discussed playcalling. We’ve just discussed how to use the strength of the staff.”

Kiffin said Saturday, “We’ll look at all that stuff after (the season).”

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  • steveg

    Really, he is no hiring? Can you read wolf?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    I wonder who was doing the play calling for the gutties against…. Baaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyllllllllllloooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    • Spedjones

      You r my new favorite poster! sCs obsession with UCLA shows where the monopoly now lies!

      • steveg

        you call that a monopoly? sheeeeiit!

    • ThaiMex

      All those ***** star players and you put up 7 pts? 1-5….this team is sooooo alive! Can’t wait till next year!
      fit on torgan

  • Cheap seats


    And for next week’s story by the USC “Insider” Scott Wolf: “Kiffin will continue calling the plays???”

    Please find some news.