No Emotion Yet Over Kiffin’s Farewell

Lane Kiffin said he did not feel any special feelings over the fact this will be his final game coaching with his father, USC defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

“I really haven’t,” Kiffin said. “It’s not like we’ve been together for 15 years. I haven’t thought much about it.”

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  • nard dog

    Booger vagina. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • betomas

    I’m elated that Monte is GONE, but Sonny Boy is cold to Pappy…ouch!
    “I haven’t thought much about it.”. Sounds like a regular, old business transaction and just another day @ the shufflin’ Kiffin HQs.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      What, he owes you more?

      • grave soul

        Kiffin doesn’t necessarily owe betomas or any other fan anything, but he does owe more respect to his pops AKA Pappy Kiffin.

    • Ben Factor

      betomas, I interpret it the same way you do. There is “a part that’s not screwed on” in Lane Kiffin. He says hurtful things about his players in press conferences, and who would not feel the “ouch” to read his response to the reporter’s question. Kiffin is not evil. He’s psychologically and emotionally damaged. I wonder what kind of a childhood he really had, or maybe it’s a genetic, biochemical issue. Clearly, something is amiss there.

      • Cheap seats

        If you’ve followed Kiffin since his first HC gig on the Raiders, you’ll see some of the phases his personality has gone through.

        He started with a very rigid, nervous press conference next to Al Davis to start things off. After a few months, he was actually very easy-going with the media. I wish I could find some of his old clips where he even pokes fun at rumors of him and DC Rob Ryan not getting along. He responded, “Hey Rob — why don’t you get up here and answer this…” And Rob Ryan actually did go up there.

        Somewhere down the road, it seems he decided to follow Bill Billichek’s crappy attitude. I seriously hope it’s just a phase.

        I ran into Kiffin at Staple Center last summer and he definitely doesn’t seem like someone comfortable in the public eye. But he did seem to have comrade with the players that were there.

        • Ben Factor

          My only point was that Kitten makes callous remarks in public. I don’t mean callous to fans or the press, I mean callous to his players, and even his father.

          I don’t follow Belichick that closely. I have watched some of his “Belichick Breakdowns” on the NE Patriot website, and I find his analysis interesting. If USC’s games put Kitten’s excellent strategy, time management, personnel decisions, etc. on display, fans would cut him plenty of slack regarding PR. Many of us believe that too large a share of USC’s results implicates the coaching. (Haden would disagree, but that’s how it seems to many of us.) I don’t believe that accusation could fairly be leveled at Belichick.

          • Cheap seats

            You’re right — Belichick is on a totally different level of coaching. He isn’t great because of his personality and Kiffin should try to follow suit on the other things.

          • Belichick is a one of a kind coach. His starting receiver at the beginning of the year was Julian Edelman. Edelman. That being said Kiffin is still young, and it’s not impossible he might someday be that good.

  • gillyking

    The “happy” emotions in the Monte ouster, come from Trojan Nation.