Latest USC And Georgia Tech Dinner Plans

The Trojans and Yellow Jackets are scheduled to eat at the same steakhouse tonight. But USC will arrive 30 minutes later and the teams are supposed to eat together, so there won’t be any controversy about who showed up when.

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  • steveg

    ?? scott is this a try at comedy? Please, quit your day job and leave town.

  • Ohmygodwhocares who eats what and when. I realize there is not much to report but good god

  • nard dog

    PS…Mora to the Chargers…done deal.

  • You all are too hard on Scott. This is a very sensitive subject for him. He understands the Yellow Jackets’ feelings. When all the SC writers are on the road, poor Scott has to eat by himself every night. The other writers tell little Scotty the wrong restaurant, wrong time or even the wrong date. So, please lighten up on Wolfie..

  • steveg

    why dont you go fuck with the ucla blog

  • ThaiMex

    Pre season#1 Baby!…finished the season a very strong 1-5….I feel soooo alive!