Answer Sunday!

Time to finish up the reader questions with Manti Te’o and Lane Kiffin’s focus on off-field issues two topics.


Q: Charles Bucket

wolfman, another remarkable thing about Southern Cal’s collapse is the fact that for the first time i can recall, a beat writer (you) actually impacted the outcome of a season!!

now, i am not blaming you for the fact the Pious Passer was vastly over-rated (i have laid this plain fact out for the past 2 yrs) but your impact on Kiff this year palpable!!!

Kiff seams to be a remarkably sensitive and emotional person, a momma’s boy if you will. when his attempt to pick on you blew up in his face, i don’t think he ever recovered!! him and Pious Passer had the same defeated look on their mugs from the Stanford game to the UCLA beat-down.

from the AP vote, to the number change fiasco, to the wolf practice ban, to his deflated balls, you were on top of every scoooop like a fat guy on a twinkie!!! i really believe your expert reportage threw him off his game!!!

my question is: will you ever write a book about the Hacket-Carroll-Kiffin years??? you must have plenty of sweet scoops of material in your notebook….and you would be an actual character in the book! i can gaurantee advance sales of at least 50 copies to the Cadre alone!! oh say yes, puh-leeeeeeeeze?????

A: I have thought about writing a book from time to time because there are a lot of stories that readers would probably enjoy especially from the Carroll years and extending to Lane Kiffin’s tenure. I still feel like the story is continuing, however, especially with this season’s ups and downs. I’d like to see where things go from here.

I also don’t think I had much impact on Kiffin though I probably was a symptom of some issues he allowed to take over the season instead of just focusing on the games and winning.

Q: trojaned66

What is Isiah Wiley’s current status? Isiah was a good corner last year and was missed this year due to grades.Is he still on the team and does Lane have him penciled in next year ?

A: I believe his loss was a huge blow to the defense especially when you consider the way the defense improved last season once he became a starter. He is no longer attending USC and I have not heard where he transferred or if he is attending another school.

Q: BearBryant3

Any interest from usc trying to hire pat narduzzi for the defensive coordinator position.

A: He is considered one of the top coordinators in the country. I believe he wants a head-coaching job for his next move. I also wonder if he has enough experience against the spread to meet Lane Kiffin’s criteria.

Q: Ren Lopez

Can you recap the recruiting saga of Manti Teo? How close was he to actually being a Trojan and who would you blame for not being able to close the deal?

A: USC believed he was going to come and I remember Pete Carroll was one the phone with him Signing Day trying to get him to change his mind. One story that made the rounds is that Notre Dame offered Te’o and his good friend, Robby Toma, while USC would not offer Toma. Some believe that was a tipping point.

A lighter story that I heard after Pete Carroll resigned was that during one home visit, Brennan Carroll showed up in flip flops.

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  • grave soul

    Classy answer to the first question, Wolf. I’m sure that people on all sides of the issue would like to read some insights and details about the Carroll years, and how the program imploded and achieved its current state.

    • dtksr1

      Agree… if this is actually a progression of sorts (where PC was somehow involved in the process of the program where it is today) I can see Scott Wolf wanting to observe the “end of the play” before contemplating a move such as a book, which I think a lot of questions & theories would be answered. Count me in on wanting a book penned by Scott!

  • Bob Edward

    How about some research and writing of USC football on this blog, first. Yes, Brennan should have worn bermuda shorts, loafers, and black socks with a camera around his neck (classy cadre style). What idiot would wear flip-flops in Hawaii?

    • TrojanFan

      yes!…cadre style

  • Bob Edward

    Wiley played this season for NAIA Belhaven University located in Jackson, Mississippi.

  • Why don’t you just have B Martin write your book?