Discuss The Debacle

How many times can you say basically the same thing? Expect excuses about Matt Barkley being out or the wind but where was the energy? The leadership? The will to play? That falls on one person: The . . . Coach

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  • USC is a joke, and so are the refs, making all these ridiculous calls vs. GTech.

    • Only bigger joke is Fucla.

      • ThaiMex

        ONE and FIVE to finish the season! 1-5 sakes alive!
        Losing to a team with a losing record in EL PASO??????
        Deflated Balls????
        Tossing Barney under the bus???
        Giving The Old man a final Burrito (cigarettes are OUT!) with the Blindfold…then executing him????
        LIMBO U is alive an well. U can’t spell SUCks without USC!
        fit on torgans!

        • TrojanFan

          You FUCKING IDIOT, you same the same shit over and over and over, people around here laugh at your pathetic ass…Kinda like your asshole, getting abused over and over and over. Climb back up the tree house and give us all a break

      • $C Rocks

        Only a pea brain could come up with the word “fucla”, And think it’s funny.

      • Impossible to be a bigger joke thatn USC we beat your asses down, AND we finished 9-5 and you finished 7-6. What happened to the Unfinished Busienss? National Title? Heisman Trophy? Pac-12 Title? another 50-0? Get ready for 6-7 years of mediocricy and about 7-8 more years of getting your asses whooped by the Bruins. You suck!!! the soone you comes to grip with this, the better you’ll be off. buahahahaha

  • Spedjones

    From the Bruins to you – bwahahahahaha!

    • TrojanFan

      Hey spedjones, bucket is throwing a party are you cuming

  • Spedjones

    I like this new QB. He throws picks even better than the king, Pick 6 Barkley, himself!

    • gotroy22

      He throws the ball so low, like a baseball pitcher. The Geo Tech defenders were knocking his passes down easily. How could he be ranked so high coming out of high school with that delivery and why didn’t our coaches correct this flaw?

    • gotroy22

      I think Woods made his decision- he’ll drop like a rock in the draft next year if he stays trying to track down Wittek’s scattershot passes.

  • CheattheSystem

    Best possible ending for this season. Maybe this will light a fire under the players and staff to prepare for every game like it matters! Terrible game plan. Redd should have been centerpiece of today’s game. Lane tries too hard to get too cute in key situations. Run the GD FOOTBALL!

  • Peter

    After watching players play at half speed, its easy to say they quit on their coach and failed to play with pride!

  • so Southern Cal becomes the only team EVER to lose six games after starting the season #1!!!!

    epic failure!!!!!

    how low can Limbo U go???

    i think this is it????

    Thai Mex, we need an emergency meeting of Cadre Exec Council……do we disband now??

  • I’ve said this after the Arizona game. No energy! The SC sideline reflects Kiffin’s personality. And why the frack didn’t he put Kessler in early in the 3rd quarter?

    • carter

      Wait until Max Browne starts next season, not Max Wittek, nor Kessler.
      But who will be coaching the team – big bad voodoo daddy, or Norv Turner, a redundant question.

      • Spedjones

        No energy Norv is perfect for this team!

      • 1Emmit

        Kessler will do well if he leaves USC and transfers. He is a winner Not a whiner. Wittek? He has started and played TWO entire games. The results are in. Kessler? He holds for PATs and FGs.

  • GO Jackets!



  • Felon9@yahoo.com

    What is there to say! Haden the future is in your hands!

  • grave soul

    I must admit that it is really difficult to keep it completely classy against trojie fans that have talked so much smack about the only school in LA really on the rise, UCLA! Especially after all the sh*t talking over the last four years.

    This loss was a JOY to watch (at least the bits I did watch here and there), particularly after we schooled your team earlier this season and, after talking so much smack about everyone, so did ND.

    As a few of the regulars on this blog would put it:
    Geeeeeoooorrrrgggiiiiaaaaaa TeeeeEEECCCHHHH!!!! 211111111-7!!!!

    • I guess we should wait for another fUCLA final four appearance right? I mean they are expected to win the NCAA mens BBall champ like we should win the BCS every year. GOOOOO BAYYYLOR. You’re a loser. hahahahha.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        +1 for for being the only USC fan to have the guts to even show up to comment.

        • +1 for having the guts or the ignorance to parade another teams loss after your team looked no better.

          • USC owns the Rose Bowl

            spot on. “UCLA owns” is a pathetic troll. Didn’t have the balls to show up after that Baylor ass-whoopin’ last week. How IS bruin hoops, btw? lmfaoooo

          • Spedjones

            Moving back into the top 25. Unlike SC football.

          • ThaiMex

            You finished the friggin season with 1 Win and 5 loses….1 & 5…WTF is wrong w/ you morons?

            The Answer:

            At LIMBO U…it’s always possible to go lower
            fit on torgans

          • TrojanFan

            Bruinrob said, “bucket likes to smile when the flavor changes”

        • grave soul

          I agree, UCLA Owns. Give credit to Derry, especially after the manner in which sc fans littered the InsideUCLA blog (when the blog was relevant) the past several years…it took guts for him to show up on this page and to muster up the nerve to trash talk. Where are the regular trolls, like TrojanFail, SoCal, Blow Joe, USC Own, etc.?

          • Golden Trojan

            they’re still in the head pucking after watching this crap.

          • grave soul

            I appreciate your honesty and that you generally post with integrity, unlike the aforementioned “fans” that troll their own blog.

      • Spedjones

        Well, Baylor also beat #1 K State. GT beat, well, SC. Bwahahahahaha.

    • What you F’ers don’t understand is WE DON’T CARE about JUCLA. You are losers in all facets of football. So you had a 9-5 year? So what? So you’ll be ranked 24 or 25 at year end. Go get a banner. OUR standards are much higher, both in athletics and academics. Now enjoy our loss and make sure you get your @$$es to work at our companies on Wed. As for my bRuin maid, she’ll be working TOMORROW. Good Nite Now.


    I FEEL SO ALIVE AND TINLGY!!!! and when i say i feel tingly i mean ALL OVER if you know what i mean!!!

    • old_trojan_93

      Yeah I know what you mean, your herpes is flaring up again.

      • TrojanFan

        That too….lol!

  • stephenlight

    Good thing you had Silas Redd busting up that GT O-line…oh, er……lol

  • boy that Witteck is a born leader!!!! i havent seen such a deer in the headlights look since, since….the Pious Passer!!!!!

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    (Fast forward 10 months): Brett Hundley just outplayed Max Browne in next year’s crosstown rivalry game. UCLA now owns the Colisseum, too.

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      “too?” you can’t own the Coliseum AND the Rose Bowl when you only win games in Pasadena in November. You must forget USC fills that Wall of Champions plaque outside “your” stadium. Gotta win in JANUARY to OWN THE ROSE BOWL, baby!!! Fight on!

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Yes, please do keep “fighting on” as you did this year, looking forward to next season with an ever-shrinking recruiting class (more losses to come after today’s embarrassing performance), the bite of sanctions causing even worse depth-chart problems in ’13 and ’14, a terrible coach that no one likes or respects (even yourself, if you really admit it!), no QB that’s even remotely in the same league as Brett Hundley, terrible team morale, and no offenseive coordinator. The rest of the nation loves to see these arrogant little Trojans get their come-uppence as they fight their way down the ladder into football humiliation, as our mighty Bruins continue to ring that Victory Bell and look forward to spanking the gutty little Trojans again next year. UCLA returns as two-time defending South Division champs, and the team to beat–yet again. Yes, fight on, indeed, gutty little Trojans!

        • LOL. Win a BCS game. Until then it’s just garbage talk from a nobody. Reminder. We own the wins vs fUCLA the Heismans, the Pac 10/12 championships, the BCS appearances and the BCS wins. Oh and we have National Championships. Take care good buddy.

          • ThaiMex

            You ain’t sh!t! Teams losing to teams with a losing record in EL PASO shouldn’t talk sh!t!. Teams finishing the season 1-5 (after being ranked #1) should shut the f(ck up and not talk sh!t!
            Go screw yourselves! (but do fit on!)

          • Looks like the truth hit nerve. Fans of a team who never won a BCS game or a national championship have no weight. Keep trolling baby nuts

      • Dude, it’s not my job to be nice to anything USC related, that is YOUR job…after trash talking, in the past I have posted commentary, regarding how we “backed in” to the Pac-12 South title game last year, obviously you missed it…so just for you, I’ll post it again, this will be the last time. Yes, if USC was not on probation you would have been playing in the game, since USC did come in first place, we were second, or by default WE played in that game.
        Now, having said that, I was merely pointing out that you and MOST USC fans were making fun of us going 6-7 into our Bowl game last year, just like Georgia tech this year – exactly the same scenario, saying we had no business playing in the a Bowl game, that we sucked, etc. etc. Well, poetic justice was served in my opinion, here was USC today playing “the UCLA of 2012”, a team that 99% of your thought and most said on here and other sites that USC was going to spank Ga Tech thus giving you the same number of losses as UCLA and that somehow, that would make you equally as good-or-bad as UCLA…well, we all know what happened today.

  • thanks, Owns!!!

    the other Owns it too much of a coward to show up, as are most of the trOXan big mouth gutless biatches around here….right, Paralegal, Jezro, TC, Webb, etc????

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      Uhhh? I’ve been here win or lose as always. Unlike you after Baylor handed your team’s ass to them lolololol

  • Jason

    Keep Kiffin! Go Bruins!

  • anyone know where to view the post game presser???

  • Golden Trojan

    When players quit on the coach you have to change coaches. UCLA knew it after 50-0. Haden has to pull the trigger and get this staff out!! You big money donors storm Nikias’ office, if Haden won’t do it fire his ass as well. What a pathetic week of antics by a team. Nikias, Haden, this bunch are embarrassing our university. Wittek looked like Mustain II, totally unprepared, deer in the headlights. GT could throw in the wind with no talent. Special teams was horrible. Play calling sucked. Defense actually play well enough to win but there was nothing else.

    • SCalum06


  • Gunny-Sack

    A few comments:
    How to make 2013 a Happy New Year??? Fire “Lame Lane”!

    Offense. Max could not throw today. Why not take him out?
    Defense. Dawson 55 cannot play the middle..takes himself out of plays
    Offensive calls took the heart out of the team
    Max watches the person he is going to thrown to from the start of the play
    Was “Lame Lane’s” play calling predictable today..or what?
    This game was a Statement game for Pat.. How long do you stick with a loser Pat?
    Question…how different is a 40 yard interception than a 40 yard punt? At least you had a chance for an offensive play. Did he call a down field pass? Even the announcers were pleading for that…

    This game brought back bad memories of the days of Hackett, Smith, Tollner and the 2nd coming to Robinson!,,,geez those were tough years..

    What a disappointing USC football season!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    LOLOLOL….. UCLA fans really flooding back in now after SC loses? Where were y’all after the mighty Baylor Bears handed your asses to you?!?

    • this is a Southern Cal blog, dumbbell, if you wanna talk about UCLA sports go to the UCLA blog idiot!!! so f-ing stupid.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      9-5 and owning your ass 38-28 in stark contrast to the worst preseason #1 in the history of Division I football. Now THAT’S something to laugh out loud about. New, less embarrassing handle idea: USC Is Owned by Georgia Tech & UCLA & Notre Dame & Oregon.

      • Golden Trojan

        Don’t forget Arizona and Stanford. However bad this season was, We do still own the Rose Bowl and with regime change we will be back.

  • fun fact: Southern Cal now OFFICIALLY the biggest choke job in Football History!!!

    no pre-season ranked team had ever lost six games!!!

    southern Cal stands alone….in six inches of sh!t-water

    • Golden Trojan

      true that!

  • 1Emmit

    Is Cody Kessler still on the team? Other than hold for FG and PATs, does he still practice as a quarterback? I realize that this new guy Max has all but received Kiffen’s anointing as Barkley’s heir apparent, but surely Kessler deserved the opportunity to play today. He was Barkley’s back up in 2011 or am I mistaken? I doubt that Kessler would have thrown THREE pics? Kessler is far more mobile than Max and has a good arm. He deserved a chance to perform today.

    • I totally agree but I knew Kiffen didn’t have the grit to change even after it was apparent that Wittek looked like a deer in the headlights.

    • Golden Trojan

      Georgia Tech was rotating QBs till they got something that worked, but not Kiffen, maybe if he put his hoodie down he could have seen the game.

    • Golden Trojan

      GT rotated QBs till they got something working. Maybe if Kiffin put his hoodie down he could have seen the game.

  • TNTrojan

    Kiffin’s problem isn’t with football – it’s with himself. Going for 2 for no reason, switching jerseys, deflated footballs – all signs he is playing some game other than football, and playing it badly.
    Kiffin doesn’t need an OC. He needs a shrink.

    • the1casey

      No, Kiffin’s problem is entirely with football. He can’t coach a game, he can’t inspire his team, he can’t put together a cohesive staff. The only person he’s fooled is the ND fan Haden.

      • Golden Trojan

        His daddy’s coat tails have taken him as far as he’s gonna go.

      • SCalum06

        And the ND fan is more fooled than you can believe.

  • Where was the offense? I know we canned the DC, but where the heck was the offense? It looked like a bad high school game plan. Why no adjustments? Why does every opposing team’s defense appear to be all pro when facing Kiffen? Why does the team falter in the second half, over and over, against inferior talent?

    Why? Answer: KIFFEN!

  • Bob Edward

    Hollywood’s version of Grim Reeper leads USC Trojans to Sun Bowl loss.

  • What you F’ers don’t understand is WE DON’T CARE about JUCLA. You are losers in all facets of football. So you had a 9-5 year? So what? So you’ll be ranked 24 or 25 at year end. Go get a banner. OUR standards are much higher, both in athletics and academics. Now enjoy our loss and make sure you get your @$$es to work at our companies on Wed. As for my bRuin maid, she’ll be working TOMORROW.

    • Spedjones

      Your standards are higher yet your record is worse. Much, much worse. LOL. Cheat on!

  • of course the point really is that UCLA dominates all of college athletics, evidenced by us leading the country is Nattys!!!!

    football is all Southern Cal has…..and they REALLY SUCK AT IT.


  • man is that all you got?? you are as lame as your football team!!

    memo to Nattering Nabobs: since you insist on cowering in the shadows, you leave imbeciles like this guy to represent Southern Cal??? we all know your athletics suck and the campus is a DMZ, but really?? penis breath???

    • TrojanFan

      You didn’t get the white teeth from brushing them, did you….

      Lame?….look who’s talking

  • Duck fan

    The Trojans have no heart because the coach has no heart and has no class. Pat Haden has both and will make a change.

    • SCalum06


    • TrojanFan

      And the NCAA police are after Chip for his classless acts….just saying

  • AllaboutL.A.

    It’s pretty simple USC football has shamed us all.. I heard all this talk these last two wks of lack of interest in the practices . I didn’t believe it , f me!!! It was all true .. Ps my new years wish . Plz send Lane Kif . Back too Tennessee

  • AllaboutL.A.

    Send Mr Lane Kiffin fishing w Mike Brown!

    • TrojanFan

      The boat is not big enough for both egos

  • oregon111

    Question of the day: who took a bigger poop in their bowl game, USC or UCLA?


    well, Baylor plays in a real conference, Baylor beat a top team this year, Baylor has been “on the map” the past few seasons

    USC, who recruits better than anyone west of the great plains, is not able to produce a second string QB that can throw a pass greater than 10 yards downfield

    more hmmmm….

    UCLA’s season ended after the USC game, according to how their players have been playing its last 3 games

    USC never had a season, but put up a great effort vs Oregon, gave it a good shot vs ND, but could not play worth a crap without Barkley…

    but that does not explain why it got torn a new ahole from G. Tech’s running game

    Final Answer:

    USC was falling apart late this season, and then did not have a capable back up QB

    but UCLA won the pac12 south and played fairly well in the conf champ game,

    so I have to say UCLA’s bowl game was a bigger pile of poop, but not by much

    • TrojanFan

      Don’t forget Stanford 17 Oregon 14….ouch!

      • oregon111

        tune in Thursday to see how the pac12 should be represented

  • grave soul

    What’s really telling is that, if not for all of the crappy officiating that kept on helping sc, GT would have won 42-7.