Georgia Tech 14, USC 7

I doubt special teams coach John Baxter sanctioned that low line-drive punt that Jamal Golden returned 57 yards to the USC 1-yard line. But hey, you never know. He is the best special teams coach in the country.

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  • steveg

    wow, wolf had something positive to say.

  • This is pretty embarrassing for our Pac-12 Conference, losing 14-7 to a team that backed into a Bowl game with a losing record…and if that wasn’t enough the Refs are doing everything in their power to give the game to USC with a free field goal, and ruling a clear fumble an incomplete pass, and allowing them another free play on a “roughing the passer” call that wasn’t, this is embarrassing!!!! I say boot the trojans out of the Pac-12 and replace them with Nevada. USC might have an easier chance playing Occidental College, or Pomona Pitzer.

    • grave soul

      This is really embarrassing not just for USC, but for the entire Pac 12. This is the SUN BOWL and they are losing to a 6-7 team, for God’s sake!

  • Lane has to go. We see nothing from him ever a far as adjustments. This is going to cause me to be too drunk and not make it to midnight.

    • carter

      Midnight, hell, not even the 4th quarter!

  • Greekgas

    Lane will ride the inexperience excuse to provide himself another year of USC employment.
    It’s unbelievable that Haden will afford Kiff yet another year of mediocracy. The recruits are not going to line up for more of this.

    • grave soul

      How many recruits do you think sc will lose after this?

      • The 5-star RB will be next to decommit, he sees the OLine is terrible in the running game, and YSC only has two OLine commits.

        • As bad as USC looked, fUCLA looked no better. Just remember who you are and where you have not been. Until then you are just troll talk. fUCLA is a joke,

          • ThaiMex

            7 pts. , losing to a team with a losing record…IN EL PASO!, 7 & 6 overall….1-5 to finish the season…Alfred E. Newman (what, me worry?) as head coach? MERCY NURSE!
            LIMBO U, theres no place like it!
            fit on torgan!

  • Goodness gracious! now it’s 21-7 this game is getting out of control.

  • Spedjones

    Hey, what was that statement the Trogans were going to make? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • TC 4 SC

    I hope Pat Haden reconsiders keeping Kiffin around after this fiasco. And say good-bye to R. Woods, he’s not hanging around after this season!

  • steveg

    with the same players (mostly) coming back I can see we can expect nothing changing with the same head coaching. What we have is a complete lack of leadership, a coach hiding out in plain sight with a menu in his face. I am thoroughly disgusted with Lane Kiffin, and Pat Haden if he can’t make changes.