Georgia Tech 7, USC 0

The Yellow Jackets score first on a drive that takes nearly 7 minutes. This game is fairly dreary so far and I’m not seeing that “it’s a new team,” theory that was being pushed by Lane Kiffin earlier in the week.

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  • betomas

    Wittek sucks in this game!! No composure in or out of the pocket.

    • Agree

      • betomas

        What, you’re too scared to come out and comment now on this joke of a game in the newer posts?

  • CheattheSystem

    Where is the halftime update? 7-7 at the half. Redd makes tremendous play to get into the end zone. Will he come back? Any recruits at the game?

    • Scott getting a free taco at the buuuufay.

    • carter

      You better hope there are NO recruits at this debacle. If they are there, they will be ready to sign on with G/Tech, not the Trojans.
      Much wind, no imaginative play-calling, no quality execution, no interest in being here.

  • ThaiMex

    Fit on torgans! Recruits everywhere! What a day in El Paso! 7 pts…..losing to a team w/ a losing record….This LIMBO U thing is REAL!
    Mercy nurse! 7-6? Pre season #1…finishing the season 1-5 for sakes alive!
    fit on torgan!