Kiffin On Job Status

Lane Kiffin was asked if he was concerned about his job status?

“No,” Kiffin replied.

Asked about changes, Kiffin said, “We’re going to evaluate everything.”

But that has been his stock answer the latter part of the season to questions about making changes.

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  • ThaiMex

    “What, me worry?”

    Alfred E. Newman

  • MJDavidson

    That just might be part of the problem. Perhaps if he were worried about his job, things would be better. Maybe he would actually listen to people who know more than he and he would not bury his head in that useless menu of his and he would not do a Darth Vader imitation on national television.

    For him not to be worried about his job status after the way the team performed this year, and in this game in particular, somebody must have given him an iron clad guarantee about his future. Gee, I wonder who that might have been? MJDavidson

  • rusoviet

    Pat Haden time for you to realize your ‘promise’ is yours and not the: school’s, student body, alumni or fans but ‘yours’ Mr. Haden and as such screw your ridiculous promise to this grossly incompetent fool who always seems to ‘fail upwards’.

    Keep this clown and best not be shocked if all assume you – Pat Haden – are nothing more than a ‘plant for the ‘fightin’ Nigerians’ that or are truly in love with your idea of ‘no big deal’ as the program circles the toilet bowl with decommits and a 4th estate that sees you as enabling this truly ‘challenged’ head coach – he has no business coaching this team or any aother.

    Fire Lane Kiffin!

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    That play chart is 3 plays repeated over and over. WR Bubble screen left side. WR bubble screen right side. HB draw up the middle. That’s all folks. Kiffin sucks

    • Cheap seats

      You forgot the pass to Vainuku….which is the same thing as throwing it out of bounds.

  • Ben Factor

    Never mind his job status, Blondie’s future in coaching is at stake. If he doesn’t straighten things out at USC, just who is going to hire him again?

    And Scott is right. How many times has Blondie stated that he was going to “evaluate everything”, or “coach better”? Every repeated failure is a surprise to him, and defies explanation. Yet the failures don’t change much from week to week.

    If he needs the season to end in order to adjust things that aren’t going well, he’s probably too slow or unknowledgable to be a coach. Just as players have to “play fast”, coaches have to coach fast. High-level sport does not afford leisurely responses to problems. No wonder the team plays worse in the second half.

    Kiffin’s public answers make him seem like a dullard. If he’s really shrewd in private, as PH would have us believe, why isn’t Kiffin’s intelligence leading to better problem solving? My guess is that Kiffin has come too far too fast, and his judgment hasn’t been hardened in the crucible of battle. Kiffin’s a kitten. Kitten has too much confidence in his initial plans, very little anticipation of the competition’s counter-moves, and no ability to counter back.

    If PH doesn’t want to hold the reins and become Kitten’s collaborator and fatherly critic until Kitten passes through his “bringing up baby” stage, then PH has got to hire someone who doesn’t require that kind of management.

    Denial is not a river in Egypt, Pat.