Lane Kiffin On Sun Bowl

“We can’t be 7-6. Not at ‘SC. That’s not the expectation at ‘SC. Obviously we have work to do. Obviously we have to coach better.”

— USC coach Lane Kiffin

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  • ThaiMex

    Obviously…that house of yours will be put up for sale later this year! He kinda comes across like Alfred E. Newman (What me worry?)…cross eyed, gap toothed and all.
    Dissed the people of El Paso
    Lost to a team with a losing record (and Rah Rah’s said Tech didn’t deserve to be there)
    Finished the season with an embarrassing record of 1-5 (sakes alive!)
    SEVEN (7) points is all you could put up with all them FIVE STARS?
    Your 75 ain’t sh!t! LIMBO U…wait till NEXT YEAR….you’ll go even LOWER!
    fit on torgan

  • Ben Factor

    Blondie, reach for a new cliche once in awhile. Better still, don’t say anything, and just coach better. Surprise us.