Marqise Lee On The Loss

“Nobody thought this is how it would end. This is reality.”

— USC wide receiver Marqise Lee

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  • ThaiMex

    WRONG…this is EXACTLY How I thought it would end. The REALITY is that there are Character issues GALORE over at fig tech.

    Nubsie…did you give the points?

    fit on torgans!

    • TrojanFan

      The REALITY is that the ruins got blown out in the toilet bowl and the Goodwill wouldn’t even take your sweater

      It’s Fight On!…you stupid idiot

      • 39-28

        • 49-26

          • 21-7

          • 50-0
            7 Heismans
            11NC in FB

            9-2 vs you losers hahahaha

          • 8 straight…you were hammered for cheating…and you were just caught deflating footballs…what is your record since you stopped deflating footballs? = 0-4?

          • Hey bRuin, F U. You, like most j boys, from Westwood are nothing more than a pile of turds. Don’t care what you think or do. You are a pimple on an elephants ass. Go back in your hole, put your cap on and have a bagel.

          • I dont’t have time for bages…football season is over, it’s time for some Hoops!!! oh wait, I forgot you ain’t got no Hoops etiher, so ho do YOU plan on spending the next 9 months, besides jacking off? suz your Baseball team sucks even more than your Basketball team!!!!! LMAO

          • Great response j boy. Typical. I plan spending my next 9 months mating my dog with your wife, just like last year.

          • buahaha typical response from some fat slob that has nothing to do, but beat off…wait, you probably can’t even see your dick. buahahahahaha

          • TrojanFan

            Have you gotten your invite to cadre HQ…i think you would fit right in, a little tight but that’s how they like them

          • Live in the past much? shit, who can blame you!! look at your said state of affairs in your pathetic and cheating program.

          • Btw turd, our last NC was 2005, yours was 1954. F U.

          • Wrong, shit face…that title you “won” was vacated for cheating, remember? bitch!!! LMAO

          • TrojanFan

            Get your story straight you fucking idiot, USC still owns the AP title, BCS who?….That BCS shit has been nothing but a joke since day one, why do you think it death is near….I’m sure if you won an AP title of late, you would be parading it around like a beauty Queen

          • Pac-12 South Champs.

    • I always give the points. My team AND school is not dog crap like Fucla or your school, San Bernardino Elementary.

  • Gilligan

    I could see UCLA fans being optimistic about next year but in reality they can’t talk too much garbage to USC fans considering that their last Rose Bowl win was back in 1986 and they have no BCS bowls victories.

    I concur that Coach Mora is better than Lane Kiffin and hopefully Pat Haden can address this issue now by hiring someone new (e.g. Jack Del Rio). I can’t believe Kiffin is thinking about bringing in the former Cal DC instead of Randy Shannon.

    I wasn’t crazy about his hiring and last year he made us believe that he might be capable of leading this team and instead he failed BIG TIME!!!!!
    I don’t blame any of the recruits from going elsewhere considering that Kiffin is unable to motivate and coach his players to their best abilities.
    Until UCLA wins a meaning bowl game or title, I still see them inferior to USC. Last time I checked USC still has way more BCS and Rose Bowl victories.

    • gotroy22

      What’s amazing is we brought in three of the best players in the nation for Sping semester despite Kiffin tanking. SC sells itself.

    • steveg

      Shannon is gone because Kiffin wants to wait. Another reason he should always do the opposite of what he thinks is the right thing to do.

  • Gilligan

    One more thing, it would be nice if the Daily News gave USC a better “USC Insider”. This blog has sucked big time this year. I didn’t read anything informative this year and maybe that is my cue to focus on other sites for my USC information (e.g OC Register).

    • gotroy22

      If you want to see real sucking go read the ruin blog by a guy named Wang(no kidding!).

  • not only are trOXans officially crap in football, what’s left of the Nabobs have sunk to imbecilic depths i could have never imagined…wow.

    teams suck, coaches suck, fans suck school sucks. no wonder trOXans are so bitter and f-cked up….only wolf rises above this trash heap!!!

  • I bet he’s dreading his return next year, but he has no choice, we all remember Mike Williams, so arrogant he thought he could challenge the NFL on their rules. I feel sorry for Lee, suck wtth a QB that promises victories but never delivers..