Stat Of The Day

From Sportscenter:  “Lane Kiffin in 0-10 at USC after trailing by 7+ points in the 2nd half (2-16 as an FBS head coach).”

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  • I love how the commentators pointed out that USC looked like class A ass#oles while in El Paso, talked crap on the city and then got their as$ kicked by a team with a losing record. Th whole team is to blame and it all starts at the top. Haden needs to go as does Kiffin. TJ, Robey and Barkley can go. Lets get some leaders in here,

  • Spedjones

    I think the stat of the day is that SC is putting the SUC back in SUCks!

  • ThaiMex

    PRE SEASON # 1!!!!!!!!!(if I were Kiff…I’d lie about it too!)

    fit on torgan’s…..lose to a team with a losing record in El PASO?
    1 & 5….for goodness sakes alive! I wonder what cross eyed goat boy is gonna see when he looks into the eyes of potential recruits in the coming weeks?
    I guess if you can lose (7-6) w/ five star recruits….you can lose with anybody!
    Now that’s tradition!
    mercy nurse indeed!