This Is Worse Than Paul Hackett

Just when you think USC’s season cannot be more pathetic, Georgia Tech is running over the Trojans’ defense, probably because the offense has been dreadful all day with 4 first downs in the first 3 quarters.

I can’t wait to hear Lane Kiffin blame this loss on the wind. Or Matt Barkley’s injury. Or his scraped forehead.

At least Paul Hackett lost to LaDainian Tomlinson is the 1998 Sun Bowl. This is worse.

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  • This has got to be the icing on the cake for Haden. Its one thing to lose, but to be so inept on offense…. Lane can’t blame this on his Dad. Yeah, GT is running wild now, but the defense did enough early on that if the SC offense had produced, they would have forced Tech to play from behind and throw. Totally uninspiring and that is on the Head Coach. Tech’s coach is dressed like its 65 degrees and no wind. Lane is bundled up like he is in the Artic!!!

  • CheattheSystem

    It was not LT! It was Basil Mitchell. Lane is a terrible coach. Where is the running game?

  • Nemesis

    And I thought UCLA looked bad against Baylor.

    We suck. Is GT that good? Are we that bad? Or is it that Kiffin couldn’t get the team motivated to play in the Sun Bowl.

    What an embarrassment.

    • realtrojan

      Oh yes, we ARE that bad. Trust me.

      • gotroy22

        It was like losing to Fresno State in Larry Smith’s swan song.

        • realtrojan

          Yeah, but the difference is Larry Smith at least put us in elite level for a few years, and one of his teams almost had an undefeated season. This Kiffin guy makes me miss even the likes of Smith. He’s simply terrible beyond words. I now wonder how in the heck this guy ended up being in this level as head coach. I honestly doubt if he could make a decent coach in high school level, and I’m not even joking about it.

          • gotroy22

            This is why nepotism is a bad thing. He’s as bad as Chelsea Clinton is as a NBC reporter. Both were handed the job without having to work their way up and learning their craft.

          • gotroy22

            Kiffin is a product of nepotism, like Chelsea Clinton and Luke Russert.

  • Spedjones

    No, no, this is much BETTER than Hacket! LtheeffOL!

  • realtrojan

    When I said Kiffin was the very worst coach in USC football history, someone suggested it was Hackett. And now this…The shameful saga of Kiffin continues…

    • gotroy22

      I can’t understand how fucla fires Neuheisel yet we keep a coach who finishes 1-5 to end the season.

  • Kiffinslaststand

    Dear Pat Haden,
    Please wake up.
    There is no leadership or direction with your football team. We have gone from #1 to the worst drop in NCAA history.
    It is not the sanctions that has led to this drop.
    No excuses, no more covering up for deflated footballs and changed jerseys. If we are to lose, it should be with dignity, not anonymity.

  • QueenKiff

    So let me get this straight – GaTech picks off a Wittek in the endzone, confusing him with a Tampa 2 scheme? In other words GaTech’s DC is successfully using the Tampa 2 against the team with the coach who invented it, yet failed to successfully use it all season with much better talent?!?! Man this staff sucks!

  • PLEASE! Fire Kiffin. This is a string of issues. If Haden is classy then fire Kiffin for the conduct of the staff and players in El Paso. If its about football then for what we all had to stomach today

  • Gunny-Sack

    We R SC!.. WE all could see it, why can’t Pat… Fire “Lame Lane”! Max was having a bad day.. Change calling sucked ALL Year! change coach!

    • SCalum06

      Pat is beyond clueless and has a man crush on Kiffin…neither one has a clue what there doing. Truth.

  • Scott, if you really want Kiff fired, STFU. People hate you even more than Kiff. The only reason I want Kiff to stay is because he’ll shove it up your @$$. Shut up. I’m ready to get on the Fire Kiffin Wagon if you’ll be quiet.

  • ThaiMex

    Simple pathetic….SEVEN (7) points from all those FIVE (5) star wannabes? Losing to a team with a losing record in El Paso? Deflated BALLS, tantrums, Unfinished business baby! 6 & 7 from the team ranked # 1 ( if i were Goat Boy…I’d deny it too!)….1-5 record to finish the season?
    LIMBO U, there’s no place like it!
    I hope recruits were watching……and the good news is Goat Boy will be around for 2 more years!
    fit on torgan! ( thank goodness it’s basketball season!)