Updated Stat Of The Day

Following up on SportsCenter’s original stat: Lane Kiffin is now 0-11 at USC after trailing by 7+ points in the second half and 2-17 as an FBS head coach.

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  • Barr to stay. What a dumb blank guy. Bet he doesn’t make the third round in 2014.

    • TrojanFan

      Go on and take the money and run….LOL!

      • Dude is too stupid. Thinks Mora will get the bRuins to the Promised Land. When Barr is a 4th round pick, after another broken ankle, he will have wished he’d left the Westwood dump

    • Yaaaaah, the real dumbass is Barkley for returning to this most pathetic team in USC history, but then again he was always over rated anyway, he never had a come from behind win, he was never an All-Pac-12 selection, he didn’t even make the Honorable Mention this year, got outplayed by the UCLA freshman QB – well, he got outplayed by every Pac-12 QB.
      Barkley could be filthy rich holding a clip board watching the 1st. string QB get pounded into the ground while making 12 million per year, but nooooooooo, he had “unfinished business” which he never finished, and now he many not even get drafted at all!!! why don’t the idiot USC fans all pitch in and collect the 36 million he would have made in a contract and pay the poor kid?
      So don’t criticize Matt Barr for returning, now he difinitely has some unfinished business, he will be returning to a team returining 17 starters and in a position to dominate the Pac-12 for years to come. Happy New Year Joe Blow.

      • TrojanFan

        Try doing some homework you stupid idiot. Barkley was a 2nd team selection in 2011 and honorable mention this year…troll on!

        • ThaiMex

          That’s progress!!!!!!!!!!!!
          fit on torgan!

      • Big yap. Fucla has never played a BCS bowl game. Ever. So StFU. You’re a nobody in college football. Barr is stupid to stay and play in a $h!t program like Fucla. But typical inner city type and Jucla dreamer.

  • ThaiMex

    After finishing off Mr. Unfinished business, I’ll bet he knocks out another torgan Soft Q.B.next season. BTW, today, your QB averaged 2.8 yards per completion (YIPPEEEEE!) Your O-line will be just as WEAK next season, and you’re STUCK with the same UNDER SIZED INEPT linebackers, while your defensive backfield undergoes a complete transformation. 4-8 is looking really G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!
    fit on torgan (scores 7 pts. in a losing “effort” against a Bowl team with a losing record!)hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, SAME LAME ASS SHIT!
      Why are you so infatuated with USC?…weird obsession!

      PS….nard dog could use your help

    • USuCk!!!! 38-28

  • realtrojan

    Don’t look now, but 0-11 or even worse might be the record next season should Kiffin stay for another pathetic season. FIRE THE WORST COACH IN HISTORY OF USC FOOTBALL RIGHT NOW!!!

  • wolfman, this is one stat i can’t hang on Kiff!!!

    how many coaches are saddled with a QB who goes FOUR FREAKING YEARS without leading a 4th Qtr comeback???

    the Pious Passer is quite simply the most overrated college player of all time!!!!!

  • Hilarious, only in your dreams.

  • socal2582

    Paul hackett can pop the bubbly he is no longer the worst coach in USC history lane kiffin congrats u now hold that honor so come on out from behind that I hop menu u have for a play chart and except your round of booze from the crowd

  • Ted

    We all know Bucket, Thaimex, Trojanfan, spedjones and now nard dog are one in the same…give it a rest.

    • TrojanFan

      Thanks for calling me out….In the words of bucket, it makes me feel all tingly!