Woods Goes Pro

USC wide receiver Robert Woods announced after the game he would turn pro. Woods said the NFL evaluation said he would be a second-round pick but he believed he could move up with good workouts.

“There’s potential I could be a first-rounder,” Woods said.

Woods said he was not influenced by the fact he caught fewer passes this season than his sophomore year.

“If the (USC) coaches kept me another year, they would probably get me the ball,” Woods said.

11 thoughts on “Woods Goes Pro

  1. You knew he was turning pro when you saw the look of frustration on his face when wittek was throwing to his imaginary friend

    • I bet Marquis wishes he was NFL eligible also after watching Wittek’s wild throws zing over his head all afternoon.

  2. There’s a huge discrepancy in this quote. There’s another report that Woods said, “If the coaches wanted to keep me another year, they would’ve probably got me the ball.” Wolf’s blog entry sounds like USC coaches were telling Woods that they would get him the ball more in 2013.

  3. He made the right choice. He stuck it out through the adversity and was a true professional about it. There’s no reason to stick around especially since the HC doesn’t understand his team, doesn’t give his team a decent chance to win, and since Woods would have to get used to a new QB. I wish him the best in the NFL and I know he’ll work his butt off and find his way into the 1st round.

    • Son, he doesn’t need to compete with Lee. He has shown what he can do, done it, and can now reap some rewards. 3rd?? Stick to what you know best as your name infers.

  4. Woods has been hurt once. It’s too risky to stay, and of course he has to leave. He already has worked hard at that the WR craft. Plus, unless he’s rich, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to get paid.

    I always liked his demeanor in interviews and his willingness to teach his fellow WRs. I hope he stays healthy and has a good pro career.

    Woods DID slip and say that if the coaches wanted to keep him, they would have targeted him more. He quickly backtracked, and tried to retract it, but he had said it. Barkley also said that Lee was targeted too often, and then he tried to minimize what he had said. It’s not as though they revealed trade secrets unknown to most USC followers. Obviously, too many passes went to Lee (40%), and too many went to the two WRs (70% in 2012, vs. 60% in 2011). Woods ended up a victim of sorts, but the whole team was victimized by Kitten’s lack of creativity. Kitten is the anti-Hitchock. He’s the “servant” of suspense, or better, the master of predictability.

    Of course Marqise would like to leave, as one commenter below stated. Marqise already won the Biletnikoff award. What is there for him to learn at USC that he could not learn faster in the NFL? He needs to play against better CBs, who are his equal in speed, quickness, and ball skills. That’s the way he’ll really improve at this point, not by playing against double and triple coverage by lesser athletes. Succeeding against two or three lesser athletes requires its own skills, but not the same skills he will need in the NFL.

    Moreover, Lee has zero financial security in life–ZERO! Shouldn’t he want to get paid a lot of money right now? That’s the American way, right?

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