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Here is my game story from the Sun Bowl.  Link here

Money quote: “It’s tough when you’re not winning football games,” USC cornerback Nickell Robey said. “It’s tough for anybody to stay together.

“We ask the same questions after every game. Where did it fall off at?”

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  • realtrojan

    Simple. It all starts with Kiffin, and ends with him. No one else, really.

  • ThaiMex

    Who was the “GENIUS” that hired Goat Boy? Same knucklehead that hired Coach Kevin “Scotch Rocks” O’Neil! Boy,….do I miss the good old days.
    Number ONE (1) to Number UN (un as in unranked!) in less than 5 months, but I guess 7-6 with a 1-5 record over the last SIX games will do that. I haven’t seen this many rats jumping ship (leaving early and decommits), since back when the sanctions were announced.
    Bad ju-ju over there in South Central right now. Have there been any shootings? Speaking of shooting….I see starting guard, Jio Fontan is in MID-SEASON form shooting 37% from the field, while almost PERFECT a week ago against UCI having gone 1-6 shooting (0-3 from the 3 pt. line!). When’s Jio gonna figure out “THERE’S A REASON WHY HE’S ALWAYS OPEN!”

    What a School! What Tradition! The DRAPES, the heritage, the guy on the horse wearing a skirt and sandals, the smell of WINO URINE on Figueroa Just outside the CHIMPORIUM!
    LIMBO U, there’s no place quite like it!
    Fit on my torgan brothers!

    • steveg

      Spoken by the team leader over at #1 Crime U. Yes, lets go to westwood and get rolled, raped, and beaten while our car gets stolen.

    • WEB_Dupree

      Wait, when did they open a Chimporium?

  • Gunny-Sack

    NR- it’s tough to win “football games” when FOOTBALL includes being able to tackle!…it’s tough!

  • 1Emmit

    “We’re going to evaluate everything,” Kiffin said. “”Whether we win or lose this game we’re going to evaluate everything …” OK. Then what? It took six losses lowlighted by the Sun Bowl fiasco to arrive at that conclusion? Why not evaluate after loss one?

  • Thai Mex, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!

    From One to Un!!!!!!

    the all-time choke/failure collapse in college football HISTORY!!!!

    oh i feel so ALIVE!!!!!

    (ok waiting for a deluge of gay sex scenes from trOXans)

    this blog has sunk lower than the trOXan athletics!!!

    what they dont get is, this is a SOUTHERN CAL blog, it doesn’t bother any Bruins if they foul the place with crazy gay-themed crap!!

    my reaction to the new Nabobs is this: