They Call Me Coach

Many made fun of Lane Kiffin’s appearance at the Sun Bowl. But what would you label it? I’d say he looks like a member of the Witness Protection Program.


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  • realtrojan

    To me, this is the real Lane Kiffin. An insecure and withdrawn young punk, who really never learned what football is about. And what life is about. The reason that I’m so opposed to keeping this immature individual as coach of USC is just that. He’s simply unqualified to lead an elite football team such as USC, or any other quality organization, for that matter.

    • disqus_NI2FR4qoAK

      ditto…Fight On!

  • Which assistant coach punched him and gave him the black eye ?

    • TrojanFan

      Nick Holt….Shit!…wrong team

  • Unabomber

  • Alan Stark

    He looked more like the Unabomber.

  • socal2582

    Looks like he is ordering off of a menu at I hop trying to be low key.. what a tool and a an embarrassment to USC the man can recruit but can’t coach one bit he has one more year to prove us all wrong

  • Walter Joseph Kovacs from “The Watchmen”

  • Cheap seats

    It’s 4th and 5. Was this in GT territory where it actually made sense to go for it?

    It would be funny if it were a no-brainer punt situation and LK was still being covert about his call.

  • SoCal_Native_59

    While wolfbag and his cadre of fools is talking about what Lane wore to the game yesterday, Kiffin and his staff are working on recruiting. And you call him a loser?

    • Ben Factor

      Scott is not a shill for USC. I like it that way.

    • realtrojan

      LOL!!! What kind of “LAME” logic is that?! Wolfie might not be recruiting, but he ain’t draining in excess of 4 million dollars a year from SC, either. Contrary to what you might hallucinate, it’s Kiffin that’s doing much worse disservice to SC than anyone at this point. Get your freaking facts straight!!!

      • gotroy22

        Some people find it easier to blame the messenger for the message that Kiffin is a poor coach.

      • 2.5 mill

        • realtrojan

          That’s not what I’ve heard, but let’s say you’re right. Is 2.5 mil a small amount of change for the pathetic record Kiffin compiled this season?

  • EncinitasBruin

    Richard Mantooth from Emergency!

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, can you post a pic of yourself so we can “what would you label it?”

    • Ted

      give it a rest…

      • TrojanFan

        Ya right!…lol!

  • Ted

    Kiffin is not fit to be the coach of a program of Southern Cal’s tradition….but if Kiffin is fired I dont see a great coach that can be had. Maybe Chris Peterson?!? but not much else. You are not going to get a Les Miles or Nick Saben type.

    • realtrojan

      Well, I wouldn’t be so pessimistic about it. You must remember that not many were so upbeat about hiring Pete Carroll, either. You just don’t know who’s going to be the “it” coach for us.

  • pathetic trOXans, you don’t get it, Kiff is comng back!! or is Bounce Pass a “flat out liar” too??

    oh i feel SO ALIVE!!!!

    Limbo U, you can go LOWER!!!

    From One to Un!!!!!!!!!

    • NOBS, you should just leave in disgrace like Paralegal, Jexro, TC, Webb etc.

      don’t hide behind this malarkey!!!

      the CADRE OWNS this blog, Dummies!!!

  • Ben Factor

    Scott, I laughed out loud. How can anyone not like this entry?

  • We called him the Unibomber. I still like CLFK, though. So it’s all in fun.

  • wolfman, you raised your game to whole ‘nother level in 2012!!!

    keep it coming, wolfman!!!

    oh if Kiff only knew what was in store for him when he messed with you!!!!

  • “op op op op oppa gangnam style…”

    • I think he’s more flattered by L’il Wayne actually name-checking him. “Smoke weed, talk s— like Lane Kiffin.” Sark, on the other hand, would eat up a Gangnam Style spoof. “Woof, woof, woof, oppam doggie style.”

  • “Call Me, Coachie” would be a good musical spoof on this season and recruiting. Backed up by TMB in cell phone formation, of course.