Why Not Use Lee At QB?

It was windy at the Sun Bowl. So why not give Marqise Lee a series at quarterback? It would guarantee getting the ball in hands. But Lane Kiffin said there was no Wildcat package put into the Sun Bowl game plan.

Why not? And why couldn’t they just run the same plays as earlier in the season when Lee ran the Wildcat. Or was that more about getting the attention of award voters.

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  • nard dog

    Why not use this blog as toilet paper. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • Pennsylvania governor to sue NCAA. Pat Haden announces another football player at SC will graduate and will have attended several operas.

  • FreeShabazz

    Wolf is right on this. I watched the 2nd half. Even though NitWik appeared completely rattled like in the ND game, the wind may have been a factor. I was wondering why sc didn’t just throw it down the field but maybe it was because the wind. Wildcat with Lee may have done the trick. NitWik may not be as good as the next in line qbs. Kiffin may not be the right coach. The bad part for Sc is there is several mays, which may keep kiffin around another year. Which may be every ucla fans dream.

  • Ben Factor

    Scott, I think Lee had in fact hurt his knee. He really didn’t need the hits. Nor did USC need the wildcat. It needed a clever play caller, sitting on high, and observing where the soft spots were, and it needed some counter-moves to the pass rush. Then, if Wittek were still wild, it needed to give Kessler a shot. To summarize, it needed a coach, not the wildcat.