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USC players never expected this season. “I never could have imagined this,” wide receiver Robert Woods said.

“Based on the talent we had coming into this season, I didn’t see it coming,” defensive end Wes Horton added. Story link here

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  • Then why didn’t you spoiled kids play better? Big talk but dog turd play. Like TJ getting a 15 yarder after calling out the team for too many penalties. STFU. You kids are just as much to blame. In the NFL, you’ll be GONE.

  • Ted

    “USC (7-6) did not lack talent. It lacked belief, leadership, energy and organization” This is Southern Cal football in a nut shell. If SC had any other coach with the players that SC has the season is much better.

  • dtksr1

    Woods will apply for the NFL draft as reported. If he stayed another year like this past season, he might well have become an after-thought next year in the draft, the way Kiffin was using him. He was forced to make this decision for his own benefit. Don’t begrudge him…
    Kiffin on the other hand… this decision actually plays in his favor in the area he does well, recruiting. This might keep some of Kiffin’s WR recruits still interested in USC and not cause a slowdown domino-effect in de-committments, that has already starting, and save Kiffin his bragging rights.