Picture Of The Day

McKayla Maroney is not impressed with USC’s 7-6 record either.

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  • TrojanFan

    Wow!!!, that looks like the same expression from her great performance at the Olympics

  • Ted

    I hope you didnt edit this yourself Scott…I usually agree with your posts but this is a bit much…

  • wolfman, you are taking your game to a whole ‘nother level in 2013!!!!

    unlike the Southern Cal “Champeeen-less Football Dynasyty”, you actually have game!!!

    with i could say the same for your trOXans readers, wow.

    just fyi, i talked to two of my trOXan buddies yesterday and they were embarrased by the trOXan “commentators” on this blog. one said, “they make NOBS looks classy and smart by comparison” i said not to fast, nard dog IS NUBS. in any case, the battle is over.

    the Cadre owns this blog.

    • TrojanFan

      wolfman, you are trying to take your game to a whole ‘nother level in 2013!!!!

      unlike the UCLA “Champeeen-less Football Dynasyty”, you actually might have some game!!!

      wish i could say the same for your ruin readers, wow.

      just fyi, i talked to two of my ruin buddies yesterday and they were embarrased by the ruin “commentators” on this blog. one said, “they make ThaiBean look classy and smart by comparison” i said not to fast, BUCKET IS THAIBEAN. in any case, the battle is over.

      USC fans own this blog.

      Fight On

    • WEB_Dupree

      Confidential to Bucket: So many of the regulars have walked away from this gutter — Jethro, Lawyer John Valjohn, etc. And who can blame them? These days, trolling and farting are the order of the day. You, NOBS, and the fart guy have this place largely to yourselves. The comments have turned bitter, demoralized, and dreary. Fan turns against fan. Meanwhile, like a doomsday prepper, I prepare to go off the grid. I will cover my tracks with typos and half-assed grammar. When only the trolls are having fun, one must out-troll them all.

      • TrojanFan

        That’s for the warning

        • Spedjones

          you’re a clown. nobody cares.

          • TrojanFan

            Quit riding my asshole, it’s a outie not a innie

      • Webb: can’t blame you really, this place has declined with the fortunes of the team. but candidly, i have to add i suspected all along the Nabobs were not cut out for the rough and tumble world of big time Pac 12 sports blogging!

        sure it sucks on here, and we miss the occasional literate comments by former trOXans readers, but after all the work the Cadre put in plotting and scheming for the end of the “dynasty” we can’t leave now!! we were here for the peak of the Dynasty and now we’ll stay for rock bottom!!!

        remember, Gutties never quit!!!

        we do think it’s amusing how the new breed of crass Dummies on here figure that by nuking their own blog with vulgar jibber-jabber the Cadre will leave their kill. nope. we don’t care, it just showcases the undereducated, nouveau riche, trash that comprise the Southern Cal fan base.


        • WEB_Dupree

          Honestly, though, are you still having a good time posting this stuff? The same two or three insults every time? Hasn’t the novelty worn off? I still post once in a while to entertain myself, but, to the extent that I contributed to the “nuking” of this blog with my Westwood Rob nonsense, I regret it. Several years ago, people would walk past my office while I was reading this blog, and they would ask me what I was laughing about. Nobody asks that now. Instead, I just wonder how much the Nard Dog can get away with before he gets banned.

          • of course it’s not fun anymore! oh for the days of the Wallin Conjecture and Lawyer John threatening to sue the Cadre!! even Nobs couldn’t drag down the blog with his vulgar antics..

            but now it’s like being transferred from an honors class to a class full of mentally challenged jr high kids with bad attitudes!!!

            but i come back for one reason….the wolfman!!!

            wolfman is taking his game to a whole ‘nother level!!

            even a former Nabob such as yourself has to admit the wolfman is on a wicked hot streak this season pouncing on every “-Gate” that Kiff serves up!!!!

          • WEB_Dupree

            The Fred Wallin stuff was great; for all I know, Jethro was right all along. There was once a fair amount of satirical stuff going on in these comment threads. I still smile when I remember a reader triumphantly announcing that he had checked on the California Bar website, and there was no such person as Ralph Von Albertson.

            Re: the Wolfman, he too is less fun these days. This past season, where were the video reports with a lovely sidekick? Even Wolf’s obsession with cheerleader photos seems to have taken a backseat to his campaign to expose Kiffin’s shenanigans. Sadly, Kiffin’s scandals, like his coaching, don’t produce much excitement.

          • excellent points, have to ask the wolfman about his lost joie de vivre in next Q&A.

          • TrojanFan

            You love the verbal abuse, to tell you the truth I think you get a chubby over it

          • ThaiMex

            WEB…Everywhere you go, the LIMBO U effect is present….especially on this site. I agree, these knuckleheads are desperate in their attempts to DRAG THIS BLOG down even lower. The guy’s from the Cadre (as well as REGULARS like you) aren’t thrilled about seeing the lame juvenile garbage posted by these SCUm. I understand the KOOL AID drinking RAH RAH’S don’t like SCOTTY telling it like IT IS…only because I was once a little boy who was upset when I found out there was NO Santa Claus!
            (paralegal was the biggest blow hard…but at the same time, you had to laugh at all his pompous bullsh!t. The current group of posters are pathetic)
            fit on torgan!

          • TrojanFan

            Leave and don’t let the door hit you

  • Bob Edward

    Now we get photo-shopped pictures to go with plagiarized writings.

  • Gary

    OMG..It’s humor guys…have you lost all of yours! Geez, we will live to fight another year. Go Trojans!