Imagine This Secondary

With Leon McQuay’s commitment today and two safety spots open, could USC start a pair of true freshmen next season: McQuay and Su’a Cravens.

And could, say, fellow recruit Jalen Ramsey start at that troublesome corner spot opposite Nickell Robey? If Robey went pro, could that open the door a fourth true freshman playing like Chris Hawkins?

Never, right? Then again, USC might have a true freshman at quarterback too though I doubt Lane Kiffin is that daring.

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  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    I guarantee both LM3 and Su’a will start. If Robey stays, I hope he does, he will start along side Ramsey like you said. Who would be better than these 3 freshman? Nobody. I watched every game this year and nobody stepped up to make me think they deserve the job. Josh Shaw, no. Torrin, no. Bowman, no. Who cares if their freshman…we just went 7-6. Its not like we are competing for a championship next year. Give the best man the job, regardless of age. Also dont find it so hard to believe that Browne will start at QB either. He cant possibly be any worse than Wittek. He is the high school player of the year. He deserves it. Barkley started as freshman. So will Browne, and in 2 years we will be much better for it. Keep em stories coming. I cant get enough of my Trojans recruiting updates.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      These guys will be good. They haven’t seen the competion they will in Div 1 yet. I would expect them to play, but they may need a year to speed up their game, Cravens and Ramsey may be ready now.

    • socal2582

      Robey needs to stay the sun bowl hurt his stock he got ran over another year with a “big name ” coordinator could only help

      • gotroy22

        Staying another year won’t make him any taller.

  • I doubt Lane Kiffin is in charge of the defense.

    • steveg

      See?? If that is true, there is a God.

  • Troy

    Gerald Bowman didn’t play this past season. He’s a beast. Had he been able to enroll early, he would have seen playing time. Shaw may be moved back to safety. Seymour can be great but he does need to polish up areas, as seen in games this year.

    • RallyMonkeyUSA

      R u serious bro he played in 6 games. Including the opener and against g tech. Ur joking right

  • Cheap seats

    Too bad Isiah Wiley had to transfer. The guy was holding his own at the “other” CB spot. He was a better tackler than the other guys, too.

    Especially against the spread, you need safety-like corners who can shed blocks and WANT to make tackles in the run game. Unfortunately, most kids move to CB because they dislike tackling or don’t have the ability to do so.

    This is one of the main reasons the spread works so well — many defensive coordinators put in 5 or 6 DBs and 4 of them can’t tackle. Oregon’s run-pass ratio is something like 3-1.

  • socal2582

    Imagine this a coach with a better personality who watches the game and doesn’t second guess himself behind an I hop menu for a play chart

  • yeah, sounds so great to have 4 freshman starting as DB’s.

    wolfman, you disappoint me. you disappoint me greatly.

  • BearBryant3

    Hearing from michigan and michigan state blogs that usc is going to hire pat narduzzi as defensive cordinator.

    • socal2582

      I read the same thing tried posting it but somehow it said it needed to go through moderation first. If its true it would be a good hire for us way better than pendergast that’s for sure

      • BearBryant3

        I think so, the system is simple to and allows the young players to be aggresive!

    • nard dog

      The Nard dog!

  • BearBryant3

    Hearing 1.2 million a year for Pat Narduzzi

    • nard dog

      The Nard dog! I told you i own this blog.

      • BearBryant3

        Cover 4 hear we come!!!

        • steveg

          Dude, at least it isn’t cover 2 at all costs!! lol

  • nard dog

    Mora to Chargers. Done deal. Suck my fart.

  • Arturo

    I think Cravens and LM3 have a shot at starting but think it will be between D. Wright, J. Shaw, G. Bowman, and think DBailey will move back to safety and start. I think Hayes should move to MLB. Lastly, J. Ruffin needs to get some run.

  • nard dog

    I told you little gutties to watch it unfold. Keep watching sc recruiting this weekend. Now smell my farts.

  • Nemesis

    I don’t the caliber of player was the issue this past year. The problems with the defense were schematic issues, not the players. Getting rid off Monte Kiffen will solve a lot of the issues assuming we hire a DC that can defense the spread option.

  • Trojanpete

    If we do indeed start a bunch of freshman, I sure hope it’s because they are the best players for those positions and not because Kiffin is looking for excuses if things go bad next year.