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Have you recovered from the Sun Bowl yet?

Meanwhile, linebacker Michael Hutchings, who says he is fully committed to USC, has set up an official visit with Washington.

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  • Ted

    Hutchings and Falah…SC is in danger of losing both to Sark and the Huskies…

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    We need Hutchings badly.

  • jkstewart2

    The Sun Bowl loss was well deserved. One of Kiffin’s problems is tunnel vision on certain players. He should have gotten time for his reserve QB. He should be playing more players. He shouldn’t isolate on one player. If more players had gotten the ball it would have enhanced the opportunities for all the players. These are traits that Kiffin showed when he was O.C. In addition, he telegraphs the plays with player substitutions… By the end of the season, the opponents know what he’s going to do.

    As bad as the offense was, the defense and special teams were worse. When there is a complete team breakdown, the Head Coach deserves the blame. The job pays great, and it comes with responsibility. Even at this point, I’m not sure that Kiffin gets his job. His post game comments don’t seem to have the measured responses that are associated with someone who takes personal responsibility.

    However, punting on responsibility has become an SC norm. Haden appears to accept coaching performance that is less than mediocrity. This season went from bad to a disaster. It was reminiscent of the worst of Hackett. Coupled with the worst BB record in years and a Baseball team that can’t make the playoffs, I wonder how an athletic director at a university known for big time sports can keep his job.

    • SCalum06


  • My brother from another mother is coming to SC. No worries, peops.

  • dtksr1

    Kiffin acts like a headcoach trying to cover his inadequacies. His skills have finally been exposed for what they are, that is why his offense & playcalling sucks! He underuses talent and overuses the few that have the ability to overcome his sorry coaching, like Lee. He is a shallow of his ora that was built from being around PC & Norm Chow’s success pure & simple. He has cashed in on that assumption, up to now. (I think if Scott Wolf wrote a book about Kiffin & the USC program, it would point to this assuredly!) This could be his last big contract and he is porbably determined to do everything he can to get every penny of it before he has to leave. Which is why he has no problem throwing his players under the bus at times if it helps “him”.
    The 2013 recruits that still drink his koolade (which is about the only calling card he has today) will not necessarily help the program by themselves. I think it has been shown quite effectively this past season, you can have all the horses necessary to be rated #1 preseason, but if they don’t have the positioning and the correct usefulness, you will lose 5-6 games.

  • word on the street is, he’s gone.

  • USC Rising

    Note to Pat Haden:  Winning coaches come in and improve programs from the beginning and progress forward each year.  Within 3 years, you know what you have.  Mediocre performing teams under the same coach do not suddenly surge in year 4 or 5.  Once a loser always a loser.  Look at Norv Turner for example – over and over teams give him a chance as head coach – but it is the same losing approach each time.  But take someone like Belichick, Harbaugh or Chip Kelly – improvement from the beginning and progressively better performance each year thereafter until the program is at the top.  What I can’t understand is why smart people in these organizations (e.g., Pat Haden) don’t recognize this obvious pattern.  Once a winner, pretty much always a winner.  And by the way, anyone who has ever played football, even just at the high school level, can tell you that playing good fundamental football (e.g., WRAPPING THE RUNNER WHEN YOU TACKLE OTHERWISE THEY’LL BREAK THE TACKLE 50% OF THE TIME!!!!!), and having a strong line (offensive and defensive), and inspiring the best from your players, is more important than recruiting great skills players, although you need them too.  Without the fundamentals and the big uglies, you can’t dominate.  Lane’s problems are he’s not bringing in the best linemen, the staff apparently doesn’t emphasize the fundamentals enough (as evidenced by the fact that my 80 year old grandma giving me a hug during the holidays wraps better and has better tacking form), and he doesn’t seem to be able to inspire the players to give their best and rise up above it all.  Winning is about playing fundamentally good football and inspiring your players to give their best . . . and winning coaches inspire their players to make the coach they respect proud of them and to make themselves better men.  I am not an insider at the USC program, but it certainly appears that Lane Kiffin is not inspiring his players and the players don’t seem  to be in the right frame of mind.  Coaches that suck always seem to lack passion and claim that their players are advanced enough that they don’t need to be inspired or motivated – in the words of Norv Turner while at the Raiders – “if they are not motivated on their own by now, they never will be”.  Really Norv, because the coaches with fire in their bellies seem to do pretty well to me.  Where is USC’s coach with fire in his belly – getting in players’ faces, celebrating with them when they succeed, etc.  It certainly isn’t Kiffin. As a USC alum and fan, it is torture to know that we are stuck in the middle for the next year because Pat Haden refuses to pull the trigger, and that if we could just find the right dynamic coach, we could get right back on top.  If coaches of far lesser programs can do it with the shortage of talent they have, then we can certainly get back on top despite sanctions – it is no excuse to keep a coach who is not a winner.  And one more time, if the SC defense doesn’t freaking at least WRAP the runners next year, I’m going to pull my hair out!  If you can’t learn the technique of popping the ball out and still wrapping, then don’t try to pop the ball out and just freaking tackle the guy!!!!

  • Arturo

    Will take Matt Thomas over Hutch every day of the week and twice on Sunday…Let’s just wait till Feb. 6 and not push the panic button