Open Forum

The Sun Bowl is history so let’s open things up again for reader questions. One per person please.

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  • Pete Carroll’s first bowl game — bigger, the same, or smaller disaster compared to Lane Kiffin’s first bowl game?

    • It wasn’t good but his team talent was awful compared to this years team.

      • TrojanFan


      • SoCal_Native_59

        Carson Palmer Awful? He won the Heisman.

        • TrojanFan

          When in you have no supporting cast the out come is clear

          • L’Angelo Misterioso


        • Independent_George

          Sunny Byrd was his tailback. Frank Strong was a converted FB who played LB.

          • CheattheSystem

            Actually Strong was a TB and Byrd was a FB. the big 3 were injured that season and all 3 were eventually drafted…we have no team chemistry and no swagger (i hate the word, but it’s true).

  • wolfman, ok i’m done with Pious Passer questions, he has finally proved to be the most overrated and selfish player in modern college football history.

    my question is: a reader (Webb DuPree) recently pointed out you seemingly lost your joie de vivre this season. i agree. last season you and Kiff were like Martin and Lewis, you had the delightful Aja Dang! as your sidekick, and everyone looked forward to Kiff’s pressers anticipating more of your and Kiff’s friendly repartee.

    but this season has been one “-Gate” after the other, no pretty girls and ultimately Kiff made an ill-conceived and ill-fated attempt to shut you down which blew up in his face and ruined the whole Martin-Lewis vibe, and possibly accelerated the team’s collapse.

    so what was it? was it Kiff’s growingly paranoid behavior casting a pall on the season, or, are you mentally circling the wagons and getting ready to write that book everyone is waiting for??

    say it’s the book, puh-leeeeeeeze???

    • SoCal_Native_59

      A unnamed source, much like scooters, says Scotts unwanted sexual advances led to Aja filing a restraining order and a quiet out of court settlement.

      • gotroy22

        Scott, why do you think our field goal kicker Andre Heidari had such a bad sophomore year, did they rush him back too soon after his injury or has he lost it? That field goal attempt in the first half of the Sun Bowl epitomized his poor season.

      • if anything, the wolfman should’ve file the restraining order againg Aja Dang! she gazed at him like a lioness stares at a porkchop

        • SoCal_Native_59

          Sources say Wolf bag wanted her to mount him with a strap on.

    • *Wolfman


      *questions. He[…]


      *is this:



      *Lewis –









      tl;dr, your post gave me cancer.

  • My prediction for next season, 8-5 with Browne being the QB. What say you.

    • CheattheSystem

      No way! have you seen our schedule?
      @ Hawaii = win
      BC = win
      Utah St = win
      ND = coin flip
      assuming we go 6-1 at home, and 4-2 on the road, that’s 10-3 add in possible ccg and bowl game…boom…there is no way we go 8-5 next year as if we are over 500, we go to bowl game. since we play at HI, we get 13th game…automatically…duh…negative nancy!

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    What does Pat Haden see in a head coach that has such a poor record after being behind by a mere 7 points at the half ( 0-10 at USC 2-16 overall ), his crappy attitude with fans, media and the public in general, his ability to be in the middle of inane things like Wolfgate, Deflated Ballgate, No Walk Throughgate, No Injury Reportgate, Late for Dinnergate, throwing players under the bus, his fetish with colored cleats, Inability or unwillingness to make half time adjustments, looking like a spy vs. spy character at the Sun Bowl, unwillingness to hire a competent OC, WHAT DOES HE SEE IN THIS GUY ? If Haden doesn’t have the guts to can this guy or even see him for what he is, a talent less coach who got where he is on daddy’s coattails, then maybe Haden needs to be shown the door as well.

  • Trojanpete

    Do you think there is any chance Kiffin goes with someone other than Max Browne as the starting QB next year? My guess is that there is nothing Wittek or Kessler can do as Kiffin has already made up his mind.

    • QueenKiff

      My question as well.

      • Trojanpete

        Yeah, Kiffin is all about the newest thing. Wittek or Kessler could throw TD passes on every attempt in the Spring but he’ll still go with Browne. And if Browne really deserves it, great. But my guess is that Kiffin’s going to make sure Browne gets the job. He’ll use that excuse when things go bad that “we have a freshman QB” even if Browne averages 400 yards and 6TDs per game and the defense falls apart.

        • Independent_George

          The fix is in. It’s Browne.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          With 3 5* D recruits in this class I feel pretty good about the future of the D.

          • gotroy22

            Depends who is coaching them. Our 5* talent this year gave up 700 yards to Oregon.

          • socal2582

            Blog rumors from Michigan and Michigan state are reporting we are set to hire pat narduzzi

          • gotroy22

            Wild West said the same but now he’s claiming he not interested.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Browne is the new Barkley

  • Golden Trojan

    After the whole Sun Bowl debacle, from arrival to the game, Kiffin rising to #1 Hot Seat, Chip Kelly likely move to NFL and all the NFL turnover, how likely is it that powerful alums can get Haden to fire Kiffin now?

  • socal2582

    After the season USC had and kiffin being on a hot seat next season do you think this will hurt USC in hiring a good quality defensive coordinator of a big name seems like pendergast is the only name thrown around and interested knowing whats at stake

  • Scott, don’t you think your Innuendos and smarmy comments about Kiffin are on the unprofessional side of being a journalist? When you reference a USC “official”, is that from the Athletic Department or Administration?

    • steveg

      Now that’s a good question.

      • SoCal_Native_59

        A really good question

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Do you think your numerous blog handles are a sign of immaturity or mental illness, eh nard dog ?

  • 38-28


    Who won the fight in the locker room after the game? I can’t wait to read your article on it.

    • TrojanFan

      His source went back to Mexico for the holidays

  • dexter2323

    How much does the Willie Lyles scandal have to do with Chip Kelly interviewing for NFL positions? Do you believe Pete Carroll knew that USC was going to get hammered before he took the Seahawks job?


    Why was the offense so bad in every third quarter? Shut out almost half of the schedule. Pete’s teams were known for their strong second halves.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      McKays teams ran the down thier throats. To bad Pete and John are gone.

  • BearBryant3

    Why did they not go to max turek early, since walker seemed like he quit against stanford. What is the fix for the run game and why not let some players go between offense and defense. Seems like robey could of ran the ball and lee could have played defense

  • Independent_George

    So what is your imprerssion of Pat Haden as athletic director. We know about Iron Mike — unrefined, combatitive, and imperious, but he could also fire up the base like no other AD in USC history.

    Haden seems to be more concilliatory and more refined, but he pisses off alumni with his golly-gee superlatives and his “Trust me, I am a Rhodes Scholar” attitude. The press seems to love him because he is much more media savvy than Garrett, but are there apsects of Haden’s personality that are rubbing people the wrong way inside Hertiage Hall and keeping him from doing a better job and getting along with alumni?.

    • SCalum06

      couldn’t agree more. not gonna happen. guy thinks he’s god

  • steveg

    Have you considered how redundant you have been with innuendo after innuendo about Lane Kiffin being an inadequate coach. There are many who agree with you, even Bucket, but have you considered how old it is getting? Are you hurting for some fresh material? Can you turn your thoughts to things constructive?

    • Cheap seats

      You should hear his questions during the post practice pressers. They sound more like cross-examination questions by the other side’s attorney.

      • steveg

        I’ll bet. It’s not like he needs to be so intense.

  • Who is more deserving of being fired, kiffin or oneill?

    • SoCal_Native_59

      or Wolf?

      • I’m not entirely convinced Wolf is actually paid.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          Good point

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Scott with the recruiting Lane Train building steam, are we looking at another #1 class?

  • Gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, do you think USC will sign more than 15 scholarships on signing based on the assumption that they might actually challenge the NCAA sanctions based on the fact that the investigation and appeals process were tainted internally by the NCAA? If USC, is planning to take any type of legal action to challenge the NCAA one would assume that they would do it now to avoid a delay on the scholarship restrictions.

    On a side note, will PA’s lawsuit against the NCAA have any sway on USC about moving forward against the NCAA? I doubt it but I am curious about your response.

  • Doncella

    Do you really see Pat Haden firing Lane Kiffin at all next year? it seems like he makes excuses for Kiffin

  • Cheap seats

    Do you know if Kiffin gets along with ANY of his former staff with the Raiders: Tom Cable, Greg Knapp, Rob Ryan, etc? I know he tried to fire Rob Ryan after the first season only to get overuled by Al Davis.

    Do you see him trying to hire any of his former staff? I certainly hope he doesn’t get any of his former NFL staff except for Cable, but there’s rumors that their relationship went south.

  • BearBryant3

    Is it true that Pat Narduzzi is in los angeles right now on recruiting trip and that he began to follow lane kiffin on twitter. Getting this from spartan blogs.

    • CheattheSystem


  • BearBryant3

    Now I’m seeing it on michigan blog that Pat narduzzi is going to be the new DC for USC

  • Who will replace Jim Mora if/when he leaves ucla for the NFL?

  • Ben Factor

    Regarding Kessler: (1) does he throw 25-40 yard passes with less average velocity and/or accuracy than Barkley?; (2) If he can throw with accuracy and velocity, to what range can he do so?; (3) does he throw materially fewer INTs in practice than Barkley? Wittek?

  • Troy

    Could we see Dion Bailey move to safety if depth becomes an issue? If so, who do you think would take his spot in lb? Ruffin, Starr, or Sarao?

  • You say Kiffen could possibly lose his job going 9-3. How can he go 9-3 with a thirteen game schedule?