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Colin Cowherd@ESPN_Colin

I have also decommitted from USC and am now considering watching/slobbering over  other programs.

The above was a recent tweet from ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd, who is Lane Kiffin’s closest friend in the media. File it under, “we’ll believe it when we see it.”

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  • dtksr1

    Exactly Scott Wolf! I am holding my breath until NSD is over and we have these top recruits letters in hand. I am also “not holding my breath” on who Kiffin brings in as a DC, who better be damn good but could be another stiff, in his likeness.

    • TrojanFan

      According to betomas(idiot) anyone that did not attend USC is only a BANDWAGON FAN…thump!…Colin must of fallen off the wagon…LOL!!!!….

      He did have a outstanding year picking NFL winners

      • SoCal_Native_59

        I’m guessing the SEC and B1G stadiums that are sold out and have been every game for the last , FOREVER are not full of alumni.

        • rusoviet

          You’re right but understand there is really nothing else to do in: Tuscaloosa-AL, Baton Rouge-LA, Oxford-MS, Knoxville-TN, Columbia-SC, Lexington-KY, Gainesville-FL, Athens-GA, Fayetteville-AR, College Station-TX, Columbia-MO, Nashville-TN, Starkville-MS & Auburn-AL

          Same for the Big 10 and Big 12 – there aren’t that many major programs in major cities in the USA. Most are in bucolic isolated locations that enhance the learning experience but don’t have a lot of social amenities those in major cities have especially LA.

          • gotroy22

            I hear they all have cable or satellite TV so they don’t have to go to the games anymore.

        • Spedjones

          If you didn’t go to the school, you better be related to someone who did. If not, you’re bandwagon. Like most trogan fans.

          • TrojanFan

            So which one are you?

          • Spedjones

            LOL, like anyone with half a brain and a few bucks, I could have been a Trogan. But I wanted an education, not a manned security checkpoint.

          • SoCal_Native_59

            now fess up LA City College Dropout right?

          • Spedjones

            wait, I thought LACC WAS SC?

          • Spedjones

            But seriously, any Trojan who went to the school before it actually became a decent school (mid 2000’s) should really think before discussing academics. The place was a joke for decades.

          • SoCal_Native_59

            there you go talking shit gain you got JC dropout written all over you. 2 for the last 14 yea!

      • Colin got ‘coug’d!

      • betomas

        I’m in your head, my pretty. 🙂

        • TrojanFan

          Great!,,,now you’re in my head…..stop please stop!

          Coffee is for closers

  • marvgoux1

    I wonder if Colin noticed we were down only 6 points with 31 seconds last night and our esteemed Coach Kevin O’Neill inexplicably didn’t have his players foul and allowed an uncontested layup to seal the loss. The announcers were dumbfounded at such no mas surrender by O’Neill. Maybe Colin can tell us Monday why Pat Haden would tolerate quitting like that and tolerating 5 losses by our #1 ranked football team.

    • Ted

      It’s basketball…does any one care at Southern Cal?

      • gotroy22

        I remember in 2002 when Pete Carroll used to bring the recruits to the basketball games. It doesn’t have to be this way with Kevin O’Neill. He showed he is unfit to be coach.

  • I honestly believe that who Kitten hires as a DC will dictate how long Kittens stay will be. If he brings in some mediocre no name DC his ego means more then winning, if he brings in a Chiznik or….. then he is making a conscious effort.

  • nard dog

    Wolfbag sucks balls and smells egg farts.

  • steveg

    Wow, what a scoop, how long did ya have to dig for that one. I bet there might be somebody on here that cares. Maybe not though

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Colin coward is exactly that.


    Is that a Denny’s or Cheesecake Factory menu?

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Same Cowherd who several weeks ago went into great detail how USC was NOT built to be a National Title Contender this year due to the number of Freshmen & Sophomores playing ?? Big concern I have is that USC has not had a team with the “IT Factor” since 2008. High School Seniors this year were in 8th Grade then. A program can turn around quickly and build on recent success (Oregon, Stanford, Texas A&M) or die on the vine (Nebraska. Miami, Michigan). USC needs to get this turned around soon or it make for a long decade.

    • gotroy22

      Very true, fucla was last relevant when todays recruits were a twinkle in their mother’s eye.