Reader Email Of The Day

Here’s a letter from a USC fan who attended the Sun Bowl.
“To wrap up on SC. They now have no quarterback, no defensive coordinator, and the rest of the recruiting season to pursue. They have a coach in whom the program’s fans have no faith; nor, if reports are to be believed, does he have much respect from the team he coaches.
“Picked to be number one in 2012, the team managed to lose to its most hated rivals, give another rival its longest winning streak over it (amazing that the Stanford result goes into the media guide as a major upset; that category is determined by perceptions going into the game), and fail to beat even one ranked team.  SC is now outcoached on a weekly basis; SC’s fans are reduced to rooting for their opponents’ coaches to be hired away. All that would be bad enough; as if to twist the knife, the program now seems to go out of its way to embarrass itself in one way or another.”
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  • Spedjones

    Wow, a Trojan who actually gets it.

    • BearBryant3


      • Spedjones

        what year is this again? 38-28 is the relevant score. From #1 to unranked! Worst tank ever!!! LOL.

        • BearBryant3

          50-0 worst defeat to your rival ever.

  • steveg

    This is news? You call yourself a journalist?

  • nard dog

    USC fan, huh? U sure Wolfbag? You’re so gullible. You smell like farts Wolfbag.

  • ThaiMex

    Looks like the letter might have been written by Coach Kevin O’Neill in an attempt to deflect all the negative attention he’s receiving! Simply brilliant!
    You LIMBO U guys don’t miss any opportunity to go JUST A LITTLE LOWER!
    You can’t spell doUSChebag without U.S.C.
    fit on torgan!


      I guess if douchebag had an “S” in it, you’d be right.

      • ThaiMex

        I stand corrected!….If anybody would know ANYTHING about a douchebag it would be a SUCks fan, because when it comes to doUChebagS, there are no better doUChebagS than torgans!
        fit on torgan douche!

    • Nice spelling, makes sense, I do believe you’re a UCLA fan, right?

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Since when does pillow talk with Trojan Reach Around count as newsworthy, Gargamel?

  • As usual from you. Any lame brain on Twitter can spout this. How professional of you to use an anon letter, lipstick on a pig.

    • gotroy22

      Was there anything in that e-mail that wasn’t true? SC fans are as loyal as they come but many are giving up on Kiffin like they gave up on Paul Hackett.

      • dtksr1

        The truth hurts about something you have followed & were proud about. And to see how this program is flaundering, you wonder which path the administration takes to quickly or slowly turn this program around. You would think with the coliseum project now needing big money to fix, that it would help the fundraising in having the program on top again…

  • Holding out hope that Haden is waiting for day after BCS championship to announce a new coach. Media savvy…it would steal the attention from whoever wins Monday night. Ed Orgeron maybe? Petros (from the “could do no worse” category)?

  • I’ll bet the moron donates zero to SC. Another big mouth cheap screw. Like all bRuins

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    LOVE IT ! This person has it pegged, the rest of you have your head, along with your C& G pom pom’s , up your ass.

  • Sad but true.