USC Odds To Win National Title

The Trojans’ odds are 33-1 to win next year’s national title according to Bovada. Alabama is the favorite at 5-1. Oregon is 8-1.

Full list after the jump:

Alabama                               5/1

Oregon                             8/1

Ohio State                     17/2

LSU                              12/1

Texas A&M                   12/1

Florida                          14/1

Florida State                  14/1

Clemson                       22/1

Louisville                               22/1

Notre Dame                   22/1

Miami                               25/1

Oklahoma                            25/1

South Carolina                    25/1

Georgia                            28/1

Nebraska                              28/1

Stanford                        30/1

Texas                               30/1

Michigan                               33/1

USC                             33/1

Oklahoma State             40/1

UCLA                            40/1

Mississippi State           50/1

Wisconsin                            50/1

TCU                              66/1

Virginia Tech                66/1

Boise State                   75/1

Michigan State              75/1

North Carolina                     75/1

Oregon State                 75/1

Arkansas                              100/1

Arizona                            100/1

Kansas State                100/1

Rutgers                         100/1

Tennessee                           100/1

Washington                         100/1

Cincinnati                             125/1

BYU                             150/1

Pittsburgh                            150/1

West Virginia                      150/1

Auburn                          200/1

Georgia Tech                 200/1

Iowa                              200/1

Missouri                                250/1

Boston College                   300/1

California                              300/1

South Florida                      300/1


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  • Spedjones

    Better betting matter – how many more recruits will drop SC before February? Another one down today. Bu-buy Fitts!

    • RallyMonkeyUSA

      dont you have a favorite team? why do you spend so much time on here?

      • Spedjones

        I sure do.

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    It might as well be 33 million to 1 with Kiffin in charge

    • realtrojan

      Hey, I couldn’t agree more with you on that. It certainly is a mission impossible with Kiffin at the helm. He’s proved to the whole world that he’s a loser,

    • I’ll take that bet

  • TroyFan52

    Who cares. Another recruit just decommitted. Kylie Fitts…..things only getting worse… might be unreasonable expectations for kiffin next year. It almost seems like he has to win double digits next year to survive

    • SoCal_Native_59

      it’s okay step back off the ledge 18 year olds change their mind who would’ve thought

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Assuming Kennard returns from Injury, the Defensive Front 7 intact. Oregon is off the Regular Season schedule. Stanford & Arizona are at home. Monte Kiffin is gone. Wittek looked okay against Notre Dame…not so much in 40 MPH wind. With all due lack of respect to the Golden Domers, the game at Oregon State looks like the trap game next year. 33-1 is worth spending some of my lottery money on.

    • ThaiMex

      you were favored to win it all in 2012…..How’d that turn out?

  • Fucla might as well be 4,000:1

    • realtrojan

      LOL!!! Let’s just say they will not win it for some years…