Should Kiffin Be Grateful Mike Garrett Is Gone?

Former USC athletic director Mike Garrett, in his first season as athletic director at Langston University in Oklahoma, fired his football coach last month. Remember also that Garrett fired the offensive coordinator about a week into the season.

When Garrett hired Lane Kiffin in 2010, he said “there are no honeymoons at USC.”

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  • rusoviet

    Simers column in this morning Times is telling per Kiffin – it would seem Haden is more than committed to Kiffin and Simers had little of his usual sarcasm per Kiffin.

    If anyone should be concerned it is UCLA fans – Mora is being purused by the SD Chargers and may book if only these NFL hc slots open only occasionally.

    • dtksr1

      I read it too man, and it is still the same ol Kiffin stuff; “I know I was ineffective and I need to correct these problems and believe me, I will”. In the meantime, he is collecting top pay as a headcoach. He is not into change or we would have seen it already… he only knows what got him here, asking for simpathy what he learned on the coattail of PC (as a favor to Monte). What we have definitely have found out, Kiffin is no PC! I do think Garrett would have lined up the deep-pocket alumni by now, especially since he’s see Kiffin destroying “his” program before his very eyes, and be looking for a replacement right now… That is the difference between Haden & Garrett: ownership!

      • marvgoux1

        Mike would have canned Kiffin after the fucla loss in the locker room. He wouldn’t have put up with this.

        • Not True! MG would have kicked ass on Kiffin AND the team earlier in the season. SC WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN 7-6 WITH MIKE GARRETT. PERIOD.

          • maze949

            They’d just be under another NCAA Investigation. “PERIOD”.

          • BS. MG would’ve sued the bastards. Not hide behind mummy’s skirt. PERIOD

    • Mora is not going anywhere.

      • marvgoux1

        Just like Dick Vermeil and Philly Freedom ’76!

      • Probably, but it’s a pretty good gig.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Kiffins job is as safe as anyones. That is the unfortunate truth. According to the LA times piece, Kiffin and Haden are now dating. The only was one goes, is if they both go (im looking at you Mr. President man)

  • USC football is headed back in the dark ages, thanks to traitor Pat Haden.

  • rusoviet

    In fairness USC could be stuck with a personality like a Jerry Glanville or Rex Ryan i.e. someone who made news everyday and never understood or gave a rip about the destructiveness with a microphone and/or shifting blame.

    Kiffin got a 10-2 record his second season and laid an egg this past one. I am glad Barkley is moving on and more power to Wood. All that to say to continue to beat the need to fire him is foolish. Haden is looking to change the entire historical culture at Troy – he wants higher % of players graduating and he doesn’t want to, in a panic, hiring some ‘big name’ who will begin to erode control over the program due to victories had.

    Kiffin is the coach for at least one more year and living with a reduction of10 recruits for the next two years is something no one wants to deal with as a coach.

    Simers saw something or maybe he is holding his fire but the sooner everyone understands who is coach next year the better.

  • Swoll Francis

    THere are no honeymoons on Mars either. Fact, bro.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Only positive thing I see on Kiffin’s resume is inheriting the 2005 Offense from Chow. He is 37, the 4th or 5th Youngest Head Coach in Division 1. The man clearly is in over his head. The big question is will he grow up before the Program implodes.

  • Langston U would be a great place for Kiffin to learn how to be a head coach …