but don’t they know Southern Cal is a football “Dynasty”?????


    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      Get a load of Westwood Rules up above, Bucket!!! Oh no he DIDN’T!!! Guaran-f’ing’teeing a BCS champeeeenship!!! AUUUUU-WOOOOOO!!! I feel all TINGLY!!!! (chortle)

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      Also, I would consider winning 6 BCS games in 7 consecutive appearances including 3 consecutive Rose Bowl wins a DYNASTY. Especially when 2 of those BCS wins (something UCLA doesn’t have, sadly, ha) are National Championships. Troll on, though!!

  • Golden Trojan

    Let’s start with winning the Pac 12 south.

  • Westwood Rules

    I’m just glad UCLA is finally being recognized as the national power they rightfully are. Next year the Bruins will win the National Championship and the trojan fans will cry.

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      What’s that?! Guaran-effing-teeing a NATTY?!? the bRUINS?! (chortle)