Cowboys Want Monte Kiffin?

That’s according to an ESPN report. Do the Cowboys realize they face Robert Griffin III twice a year?

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  • Amir

    The Daily News is keeping Scott Wolf. Does the Daily News realize that reporters need to be able to report something of value? Not just blab off negative crap?

  • Troy

    Do you realize that College Football and the NFL are in a totally different level? Do you realize that the spread offense cannot be a full-time system in the NFL? Do you realize that Monte’s Tampa-2 defense earned him a Super Bowl ring? Do you realize that dual-threat QBs have never really achieved the same level of success in the NFL as they have in college (Super Bowl rings)?

    • Amir

      Nailed it!

    • Amir

      Nailed it!

      • dtksr1

        You think the cowboys could use a playcaller too?

    • Do you realize the Tampa 2 is obsolete ? Do you realize that the read option was not part of the NFL until recently ? If it had been, Monte wouldn’t have known how to stop it in the NFL.

      • TrojanHorse

        Do you realize you’re a dumbass? The Tampa 2 is still used by teams as part of their play package. Only two teams use it as their base defense and those are the Bears and Vikings. Teams have used it less often because of NFL rule changes which has led to fines and penalties. It’s not going away and it won’t. Read option is a spread play, a modified “option” that’s been used by NFL teams for a very long time, but not on an every down play! It’s used by dual threat QBs and how many NFL teams have one of those? More in the past but not much. They don’t equate to success in the post-season. Loser.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          A wise man once said you see some good young running quarterbacks in the NFL, you don’t see any old ones. Mobility is an asset, no doubt, option OBs won’t last, neither will the offense.

        • Cheap seats

          Exactly. It’s funny when people talk about the option read as something “new” and very complicated.

          It’s success is limited in the NFL for some of the same reasons the wishbone / wildcat aren’t silver bullet offenses: hashmark locations, athleticism of NFL defenders, and your QB WILL TAKE HITS.

          A guy like Marcus Marriota running 5-10 times a game would be out within a few games.

      • Kiffin last coached in the nfl in 08, and I (don’t really care enough to look it up) thought he did pretty good, and was pretty highly regarded at the time. True things might have changed, but they might not have changed also, there’s only one way to find out.

        Also, i think Reid tried to get Monte to join him in kcmo (fellas and the ladies know), and I think pretty highly of Reid.

        • any team that hires Monte Kiffin of the Tampa SuperBowl should assume the position of your nae. the man is a dinosaur as are his schemes, copied and duplicated so much, everyone knows how to beat it. theman couldn’t make adjustments in the college game: spread option, whatever you want to call it. why does anyone think he’ll magically be able to adjust in the current pro game?retire Monte hang w/ the grandkids and work on a consultant basis.

      • The read-option has been in the nfl for a long, long time; triple-option, wishbone, etc have been there before. What Oregon and Baylor run is a spread option, not completely different, but different enough that when you mention it and use it like a jackass, it makes you look dumb.

        Also, I think Vick v.1.0 ran it a while ago, and I know Brad Smith did it in NY for a while (both with limited success).

      • TrojanFan

        Dude, do you even watch football, seems like you’re always putting your foot in your mouth….there is no shame sitting on the sidelines

    • TrojanFan

      I’m sure the Redskins are going to rethink the way they use him going forward

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Monte is far more accomplished and more highly regarded in his field than you will ever be in your Wolf.

    • ThaiMex

      You are an Cool Aid drinking, Pom Pom waving idiot of the FIRST DEGREE. Even your So Cal brothers are dumbfounded by your continued defense of Goat Boy and the program. Maybe you (just like Jerry Jones) think Monte over Rob Ryan is an improvement?
      You also believe Goat Boy “gets it”??? Gimme a break.
      No….not an internet tough guy…just someone who doesn’t look at that dump in south central thru ROSE COLORED GLASSES.

      sober up!
      fit on torgan

      • SoCal_Native_59

        Tell me about Sam Gilbert if we are being honest here.

        • maze949

          That he helped negotiate OJ’s first NFL contract? Or that he was just as big a booster for trOJan football as he was for UCLA basketball. Look it up…

          • SoCal_Native_59

            Wrong Gilbert. Michael Gilbert was OJ’s agent and later Marcus’s Sam Gilbert was a mobbed up fucla booster that paid for saint John Woodens tarnished dynasty.

      • Saying someone is more highly regarded than Wolf isn’t exactly a compliment, it’s a given.

      • Cheap seats

        What has Rob Ryan done? His defenses with Dallas & Oakland were NOWHERE near Tampa’s D near their Super Bowl win.

      • USC owns the Rose Bowl

        Hard not to see through rose-colored glasses when you own the most Rose Bowl wins of any school in history. Hence my username.

        But troll on anyway!! your life seems fun!! LOL

        • TrojanFan

          “But troll on anyway!! your life seems fun!! LOL”

          He gets more ass than the toilet seat, and it’s not of the female variety…..ouch!!!!!

    • How true.

  • Jerry Jones is senile, why not hire a DC who is as well.

    • You applying?

    • TrojanFan

      BenD overz has turned into the Rodney Dangerfield of this blog….LOL!!!

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    It would be a great hire for the Cowboys…………I hate the Cowboys.

  • Gilligan

    Did we forget that Coach Monte has a Superbowl ring? He has achieved the highest award in his field.

    We don’t know if Griffin will even be playing in Washington next season. I was surprised they fired Coach Ryan because the Cowboys were hit with major injuries.

    I don’t recall many dual threat QBs winning a Superbowl. Let’s take a look at some of the best dual threat NFL QBs, Tark (no), Vince Young (not in the league), Elway (yes), Newton (never played in a playoff game), RGIII (injured in the playoffs, Cunningham (no), Kaepernick (TBD), …hmmmm.

    I like RGIII but there is a reason the Colts took Luck over RGIII, a strong pocket passer will lead a team further in the playoffs.

    Anyhoo, I don’t recall reading or hearing Scott Wolf’s name with any Pulitzer awards……….

    • Independent_George

      RGIII no longer was a functioning knee. He needs complete reconstructinve surgery.

      Doubt he will be running an option any time soon.

      Steve Young was a dual threat, but SF toned it down. Still, he was a threat to run, and did so effectively until concussions knocked him out of the game.

      So was Donovan McNabb. Until injuires slowed him down.

      The lesson is that dual threat QB’s can’t last in the NFL.

    • Cheap seats

      Elways wasn’t anywhere near his “dual threat” ability by the time he won a ring. It wasn’t until he was more of a traditional pocket passer did he finally win back-to-back rings.

      Rich Gannon had “good” scrambling ability when he faced Tampa in 2002 and the Tampa 2 shut them down.

      Monte’s defense of those years produced some studs in Sapp, Rice, Brooks, Barber, and our very own Brian Kelly. The defense was one of the fastest in the league and I believe they would’ve had plenty of answers for the dual threat QBs / spread offenses.

  • betomas

    I’ll state what everyone is thinking: no one cares. Monte sucked at SC and he’s senile. He’s done with. Moving on.

    • marvgoux1

      Pro football fans care and it’s a tribute to the good ole boy network that Monte may remain employed after his failure at SC.

  • marvgoux1

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has gone the Leonard Tose route.

  • I heard that (T)Heisman winner Bob Griffin busted his knee. Monte will be safely drooling in a retirement home by the time that’s a problem.

  • calexrose

    i think usc future d-coordinator is nfl playoffs thats why there hasnt been a announcement. I looked at the 49ers staff and thought how about jim leavitt who is there linebackers coach and coached it the old school big 8 where there ran the option and ” spread option. just a thought.

    • RememberTheFreedomBowl

      Good thought…Ken Norton returning perhaps in an enhanced role?

    • betomas

      What the hell are you trying to say?…just spit it out. What you wrote makes NO sense.

      • calexrose

        all i did was look at various nfl staffs who are in the playoffs and said who has college defensive experience against option style teams jim leavitt was the name i came up with. i have no idea just looking for a reason a dc hasnt been named yet.

        • TrojanFan

          It’s alright!, betomas has a hard time reading between the lines