Eagles Talk To Brian Kelly, Chargers To Jim Mora, Browns, Eagles To Chip Kelly . . .

Luckily USC fans need not go through a stressful January worrying about an NFL team stealing the football coach.

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  • herh, herh, herh!

    good one, that was, Master Wolf.

  • ThaiMex

    Good thing Goat Boy is UN-Touchable (what is it w/ you knuckleheads and “UN”…#1 to UN ranked, UN-der inflated footballs, UN finished business, UN-der performing 4*/5*recruits, UN-der the table payments to players, etc.). I guess thats why the EAGLES, BROWNS, and CHARGERS aren’t going after GOAT BOY!

    Fit on UNder Goat Boy, torgans!

    • Ted

      that was pretty cleaver

    • What really bothers me is that you can’t quite figure out basic grammar that a 5th grader could do. Quite a fine education.

    • steveg

      by by Mora!!! HA! The jucla dynasty comes tumbling down. All those years of winning are gone, gone I tell you. roflmao


    Thai, es en fuego, hombre!!
    (Thai, you’re on fire, man!!)

    both you and the wolfman are taking your games to a whole ‘nother level!!!


  • The Chargers just may hire Mora. They never win a championship either and always close out the season with a loss. Mora would be a perfect fit.

    • Golden Trojan

      The buzz in San Diego is Arians of the Colts has the inside track, at least as of last night.

    • TrojanFan

      EXACTLY! !

    • Spedjones

      Must suck to lose so badly to such a crappy team! Lose On!

      • TrojanFan

        0 for 3
        Shutout in the final polls Again
        Troll of the year
        Mora to the Chargers

        ….and the beat goes on and on and on!

        • Spedjones

          Those things either happened in years past or didn’t at all concern USC. Again I’ll say it – must suck to lose to such a crappy team! LOSE ON!

          • Are you still talking about Baylor?

          • TrojanFan

            You’re nothing but a TOOL,, now you have selective memory…..this blog is no concern of a bruin troll, practice what you preach

            Bill would use a few lame-ass trolls like you

            I’m sure you’ll comeback with some stupid response like usual

          • Cheap seats

            Hahaha. You remind me of one of my friends who hates USC so bad, he knows more about SC than his own Bruins. He can’t even name more than a few starters on his team, but knows everything SC.

            Admit it, you’re really a closet Trojan fan, huh? =)

          • TrojanFan

            “Admit it, you’re really a closet Trojan fan”

            That’s exactly what I told him also

  • Golden Trojan

    Sad when Trojans have to wish other school’s great coaches leave so we have a chance to win. Kiffin’s second year was helped by lack of coaching at UCLA, and Arizona. This year UCLA and Arizona got better coaches. Next season, Colorado and Cal will have new coaches and Wash St and Az St will have second year coaches. Either KIffin steps it up or it’s gonna be a long ugly season.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Interesting article in the Times. Give it a read. I think kiffin gets it.

      • Golden Trojan

        He knows he has to improve, but USC as well as Alabama and Notre Dame are not places for a 37 year old football coach to get on the job training. He may become a great head coach some day but should he grow into that while at SC. He’s 37, Saban’s 61, how long does he have to win consistently?

        • Seriously

          I am glad someone else figured out that USC should not have a head coach that is still trying to figure it out. We should have grown men coaching not a boy trying to learn.

      • Spedjones

        Understanding things need to change is one thing, being able to change them is another. When players are fighting their own teammates in the locker room, it doesn’t take a genius to sense things are bad.

      • Ted

        you’ve maintained that Kiffin is a good coach. Why? What has he done? or are you just a homer that cant admit anything? Next thing you are going to say is that the LA Coliseum is a state of the arts stadium! You are hard to take serious cause you have blinders on.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          Ted constructive criticism from fans is perfectly acceptable. What happens here can hardly be called that. I could not care less how you take me. I remember the sanction against Bama and Miami do you?

  • None of these guys is leaving, sadly, neither is Kiffin

  • Nathan Chandler

    I really do not understand why Lane is taking his time with announcing a new DC. Recruits are anxious to know who it will be and if it will line up with their play. Get it done already.

    • TrojanFan

      Maybe no one is knocking on the door!

      • Independent_George

        Because most DC’s think he is one and done. And the easy money says he is. Kiffin has lost just about everyone except for Haden, Simers and Marquise Lee, and the LAT article is just Simers’s schtick — being a contrary d-bag. Reminds me of a Plashcke article on Karl Dorrell where he used the M&M’s on Dorrell’s desk as a uniting theme. Don’t ask me what it meant.

        If Kiffin won 11 games in the regular season but laid eggs against Stanford twice (in conference play and the Pac-12 Champioinship), Simers would be calling him a choker and invent some other cutsey nickname. The article on Kiffin is only interesting as to Simers’ dislike of Jim Mora (write some positive on the coach who lead his team and an historic downfall in the rankings, and rip on a coach who took are moribund program and gave it energy and hope) and his predilection for a-hole-ish contrarianism.

        Unless Kiffin finds someone who believes they will be the HC after Kiffin is fired next year, our new DC will be more like Scottie Hazleton than Kirby Smart.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Its about 1-thing bascially… college coaches do not believe in the “peter principle”. They will go as high up the ladder as they can before they get their ass handed to them. Can’t say you & I wouldn’t do the same thing!

  • marvgoux1

    ESPN is reporting Mora just inked a hefty contarct extension.