Directors’ Cup Standings Update

USC is now 23rd in the Directors’ Cup Standings between No. 22 UConn and No. 24 Oklahoma State. Stanford is No. 1, Oregon is No. 6 and UCLA No. 7.

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  • wolfman, what happened to basketball update???

    you just take a knee, wolflman, i got this!

    trOXans choked again last night have now lost 14 straight road games!!!

    yoi and double yoi! what going on down there????

    the Twin Tower Lottery Picks gotta take their game to a whole ‘nother level!!

    mean while the Bruins COASTED TO NINTH WIN IN A ROW!!!!


  • Spedjones

    with SUC’s best sports already gone (womens VB and water polo), watch them fall further behind.

  • dtksr1

    Congratulations AD Pat Haden, you are really doing a splendid job! If you don’t like firing coaches and Max Nikias doesn’t like firing you, this Trojan sports program will eventually wind up in the gutter. Now who says Haden is an improvement over MG?

  • betomas

    Haden sucks!! He’s taking SC down the path of no return.

  • dayum, it must really suck being a Trojan fan. LMAO