Kiffin Could Take Hazelton

Monte Kiffin might take USC linebackers coach Scottie Hazelton with him to Dallas. On the surface, it would be reported merely as Kiffin bringing his linebackers coach with him.

But remember Joe Barry left after the 2011 season because he clashed with Kiffin, who wanted a more agreeable linebackers coach. And if USC hires any self-respecting defensive coordinator, he might demand to hire his own linebackers coach.

So Kiffin might be helping his son out too.

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  • sugar SWEEEEET!!

    Bruins extend Mora’s contract thru ’17!!!

    so how does CADRE A$$ taste again, dummies??

    but seriously, i’m sure you’ll do fine with Kiff.


    • realtrojan

      I wouldn’t get too ecstatic about your future, if I were you. Don’t forget you’ll always be THE inferior LA college football team until you win 10 more national championships, which would take many centuries if calculated according to the history. Lemme see here… When did you last win a national championship? 1954, was it? lol. Jeez, even if you win a national championship next season, which obviously won’t happen:), it’ll take another 50+ years until the next, so in order to win 10 big ones, it’ll take “5” freaking centuries. You think you’ll be around by then? It’s doubtful. But I can assure you that the history will record you as a loser, along with the bRUINS. LMAO!!! And, I almost forgot… Sorry to infuriate you even more, but we Trojans will add to the absolutely brilliant tradition by winning just a “few” more big trophies in the next decades or so just to give you a few more centuries to catch up with us, if ever. ROFTLMAO!!!

      • Spedjones

        Let’s see…. 38-28, 9 wins, and a coach who isn’t Lane Kiffin. Not sure how you argue that UCLA’s not the superior team. Sure, not the historically-superior program, but definitely the superior team.

        • realtrojan

          LOL!!! You just proved your “superior” stupidity with what you said. Keep it up!!! And, oh, for a little history lesson, look for my prose elsewhere.:)

      • FreemanDeComptonBruin

        Tradition of Cash for Athletes……is that the bogus FRAU(Dition) U R blogging about? C’mon dude. Why R U mired in the days of old? (that was a RHETORICAL QUESTION) How is the state of your football team right now? Today? Tomorrow? Spring-ball 2013? How many points will U lose by Nov 30, 2013.

        How many “L’s” will yall rack up this season? How many more deflated balls? How many more Fake tuff coach rants will we see this coming season. Ur recruits are defecting and those soft serve, soft heart-ed, so called Die Easy Phans are running elsewhere too. Dig a whole and jump in its gonna be a while B4 U see day light again……..

        • realtrojan

          LMAO!!! Obviously, you bRUIN bears dwell in subhuman society, UNLIKE us Trojans, who have been heroic hunters of the college football world for almost a century now. Yeah, I fully understand history and tradition must be hard for you to grasp, for you have none of it, except for consistent losing and having the honor just to participate. Can you say a perennial “also ran”?:) But let me ask you something. Would you be here had your foreBEARs not “mated” to bring you into this world? Without history, there’s nothing. In human world, that is. You might be beside yourself for winning just one game in a decade or more, but since we Trojans are human, we get nicks and dings once in a great while in the hunt for greatness. Hey, after all, you’re bears and we’re human. Remember? Yeah, as someone said in ancient history which still resonates quite loud even today… KNOW THYSELF…ROFLMAO!!!

  • betomas

    Let him take Hazelton. Hazelton’s worthless anyway.

  • dtksr1

    We don’t even know who Kiffin is looking at for DC, if he is looking at all. And that wouldn’t surprise me if he waited until after NSD and lose a few more recruits. This guy doesn’t think like the rest of us. What he knows about defense is scary in who he might ennie-minnie-moe to. The best thing he could do right now is talk to a headcoach whose defense is always top 10, to give him some advice.

    • He told one defensive recruit that the new DC was gonna big a huge hire, or something to that effect. Kiffin lies everytime he opens his mouth, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hired a guy from Citrus JC.

  • Independent_George

    Will Monte have to burn the Oregon tapes before Hazelton is hired?

  • overzealousgungrabber

    One could only hope.

  • steveg

    Maybe LK can hire the ex dallas DC, make it like a trade. Wouldn’t put it past him.

  • Basketball Update: take a knee, wolfman, i got this!!

    Bruins win Tenth in a row!!!!

    i feel so ALIVE!!!!

    meanwhile the historically bad trOXans are getting ready to lose their FIFTEENTH straight road game!!!

    hmm we’re a basketball school and we OWN Southern Cal in football, and we OWN Southern Cal in Basketball and Baseball and…….it sucks to be trOXan, doesn’t it?

    c’mon, just admit it, you are all NOTHING!


  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    Good points, We will have to wait and see what develops.