Monte Kiffin To Dallas Cowboys

ESPN reports the Dallas Cowboys hired Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator. The Cowboys also reportedly petitioned the NFL to ban spread offenses and mobile quarterbacks.

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    good one, wolfman!!!

    oh wait, they really did?


    the wolfman eats KIffs for breakfast, and today he’s hungry like the wolf!!!!

  • Will Jerry Jones be buying Five Hour Energy to keep Monte awake during the game ?

  • Gilligan

    Can I sign the petition for real journalism on this site? What happened to truthful and unbiased journalism? When did this site become TMZish?

    • Golden Trojan

      You got to watch out for the Wolf Trap, when he gets all Rupert Murdoch/National Inquirer on us.

  • Cheap seats

    Kiffin has trouble with mobile quarterbacks???

    Bwahahahaha!! Look at the division that the Bucs played in. They had Aaron Brooks, Michael Vick & Rodney Pete.

    Those guy are just “a little” mobile, don’t you think?

  • dtksr1

    Funny… just heard Vince Young has called his agent and wants back in the NFL figuring he has one game in the bag. Michael Vick is thinking the same.

  • FreemanDeComptonBruin

    What a stiff “Larry Holmes type” Jab at the Ole Man’s defense WOLFMAN……LoL

  • SoCal_Native_59

    So Monte puts one last bitch slap on Wolf. Guess your attempt to “veto” Monte’s hire were laught at.. Face it wolfbag in football circles, pro or college you’re a joke. Nobody pay attention to you unless it is to have a good laugh.

  • Ghost of VB’s Cat

    At 75 years old he will earn more next year than Wolfie has in his entire career.

    Snarky comments aside, Monte body slams Wolf and C Buck.

  • Scott Wolff Stuck At The $h!tty LA Daily News

  • Way to go Monte!!! Everyone can kiss your wrinkly rich ass all the way to the bank.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    How did Kiffin get hired? Easy. He simply pointed out that even with 40 days to prepare, Nick Saban’s Defense allowed twice as many Note Dame touchdowns than his defense did.