Morning Buzz

Far be it from me to offer advice to the Dallas Cowboys but if they are serious about hiring Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator, do they intend to also hire Rod Marinelli as defensive line coach, Lovie Smith as linebackers coach and Herman Edwards as the secondary coach.

Oh, and Tony Dungy as head coach. Because these are the coaches that made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense special. But I’m sure Dallas knows what it is doing.

  • Joe Blow

    Sounds like you’re out to “get” the Kiffins Scott. At some point, you might get sued. Be careful.

  • Charles Bucket

    oh, where to begin???

    NUBS, are you channeling your inner “Parelagal”????

    if you were not such an imbecile i would expect you to know the press cannot be sued for expressing opinions!!! and when you are a Pulitzer-level journalist like the wolfman, you are almost 100% shielded from any repercussions!!!

    we have already seen that anyone who messes with the wolfman will feel the Claw of the Wolf, just ask Kiff!!!


    now, YOU be careful or the wolfman might sue YOU on the grounds you are a braying jackass!!!

    (this is a wolf-howl)

    • ThaiMex

      Nice touch Chucker…It’s funny how a lot of the RAH RAH’s are still in DENIAL about The SORRY STATE of SUCks football…and athletics in general. Yelling at the wife (or significant “other” in nubsie’s case), kicking the dog, or PICKING ON SCOOTER, because he tells the truth, is no way for a grown man to act. Lawyer John actually showed a little bit of DIGNITY by driving off that CLIFF into oblivion (on second thought…it was just like that spineless turd to run away instead of facing The Cadre). The COOL AID drinking frat boys are no different than other ZEALOTS, like Muslim extremists , or those blow hard Fox News Teabag (douche bag) Loyalists.
      When you guys decide to come clean, Chucker is willing to cough up a pair of passes, for each of you, to next weeks Preferred Plus Gals Night at Cadre Hqtrs. That’s $19.95 value! Quantities may be limited. Offer cannot be combined with any other coupon discounts. “Celebrity voice impersonation”. Fitts UN(committed) Torgans!

    • Joe Blow

      Jacka$$, there’s always a line. As much as you’ve been in a courthouse, I’d think you’d be smart enough to understand.

  • Yo Duh

    a mental breakdown, NOBS is having i sense.

    more romantic problems with Mono, hmmmm?

    nevertheless, in danger Master Wolf may be.

    form a perimeter around Wolf we must!

    report to Cadre HQ all Jedi and Cadre should!

    a light saber up the keiister, any one approaching wolf will get!


    • Joe Blow

      Hilarious. For “names”, same poster. Get a life.

  • Thor51

    Is this the USC blog or the Dallas Cowboy blog? Who gives a crap what the Cowboys do. Concentrate on your beat Wolfman. As for Monte, I wish him the best, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Spedjones

    I get the impression that Wolf doesn’t like Kiffen Sr. Man how I wish SC had kept him on.

  • steveg

    Let’s make sure we all know where we read it first, from the foremost sports writer in history. Not only can he keep us right up to date on USC football, he gives the kids at jucla a place to call home to get away from the crime. Only Wolf could bring us such modesty to claim Dallas knows more than he does. I am waiting breathlessly for his next post about how bad Lane Kiffin is as a coach, each one blesses my heart endlessly.

  • Gary

    Can we get Lovie Smith as coach of USC?

  • Amir

    Let me give you some advice: QUIT.

  • Brennito Aye Papi Miller

    This has absolutely nothing to do with USC! Can we get some USC inside news please?

    • Charles Bucket

      the WOLFMAN says what matters around here, buster.

    • Spedjones

      SUC News FLASH: SUC still SUCks at football and Lane is still their coach.