Reaction To Hiring Of Monte Kiffin

The Cowboys hiring of Monte Kiffin is not going over well according to a poll by the Dallas Morning News where 64 percent of the voters are against the hire.

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  • DUH ! They fired a guy who got their D up from 31st to 16th and now they’ve hired a senile old fart who can’t stay awake for the whole game.

    • Where do you think Dallas will rank in total D next year?

      • bottom 5

        • If it’s bottom 5 he’s fired, no question.

          Is this because you think the league(or Monte) changed too much in the past 4 years, or because it’ll take time to rebuild from 3-4 to 4-3? In ’08 (last time in nfl) he had 10th scoring defense, 24th yards.

          • SoCal_Native_59

            His D was top ten 10 of the last 12 years he was a D coordinator in the league

          • That was then, this is now, bottom 5

          • Sometimes the game passes you by. He was fine long ago, can he still adapt in this day and age ? He sure couldn’t stop the read option at SC, will he in the NFL since that seems to be where they are headed as well. When RG3 is healthy, that’s 2 games against a running QB. If he gets the 49ers, that’s another one. Seattle, maybe Vick, more and more QB’s run now and he didn’t seem to have a clue on how to stop them.

          • I would argue that there was a large gap in positional coaching that exaggerated the flaws in the defense. In the end, it’s usually personnel (speed and quickness) who will be able to stop mobile quarterbacks, not schemes. Pete sucked against mobile qbs, and he has learned (is doing better) now.

  • Hahahaha hanana. All you F’ing losers yapping about the Kiffins and all they do is get high paying jobs. Monte & Lane, glad your staying in our 1% club!

    • And there’s NOBS, aka Joe Blow aka Nard Dog aka ??? who shovels shit for a living.

      • FreemanDeComptonBruin

        Joe Blow shovels it into his mouth too. U omitted that fact. He’s the Q.C. taster. I hope Dallas plays my 49ers next season. We will only score about 72 pts. against that BS……

        • Both of you N boys from the IE. hahahahahaha Losers

  • betomas

    I know it goes without saying that TrojanFail and the Dog (the two farters and shitters on this blog) are idiots, but I hate when people talk so much smack predicting what will happen then end up making themselves and even decent fans looks stupid when their predictions fail.
    Mora just signed a five year contract extension. He’s not going anywhere for a long time. Now if only Haden had the balls to get his crap straight an to right this ship.

    • I thought it was a 1 year extension through 2017. A five year extension would be through 2021. Either way that doesn’t preclude him from leaving early.

      • FreemanDeComptonBruin

        wow!!!! sc FANS scared of the BIG BAD COACH from WESTWOOD where its BETTER than GOOD. Mora ain’t leaving, so stop fasting and praying for that to manifest. U clowns really loved lame stiffin when he got to town, keep him, he fits the program well. Sore loser, classless, cheater and inept.

        • >Be inept coach
          >Beat school 50-0
          >Lose next year

          • FreemanDeComptonBruin

            U need hooked on phonics very badly…….. Ur crack / meth pipe must have fell in Ur lap during the last swipe at the keyboard……

          • It’s supposed to mean you should learn how to greentext newfg.

            Also, I’m really glad “U” think I need “hooked on phonics”. “Ur” grammar and spelling is so proper. Thank you also for capitalizing “Ur” so many times, doing so grammatically is generally only reserved for deities.

      • betomas

        Yup. I kind of muurped it. meant that he’s there for another five years after signing the extension, which apparently has a lot of bells and whistles to make sure he and his staff stay put. I know most Trojan fans hope that Puss in Boots Haden has a plan to hire a whole new, solid coaching staff after the 2013 season. If not, what the hell is he getting paid the big bucks for??

        • I’m not too worried. If Kiffin is bad again next year, we’ll find someone better, if he’s better, we’ll keep him. But it is nice to hear so many Bruins upset with our team’s performances.

    • TrojanFan

      Look’s like they had to sweeten the deal to keep him home,

      What other inside info did you get from Mora’s housekeeper?

  • Trojanpete

    Most of the voters are against the hire partly because they think that going to a 4-3 might hurt them but mostly it’s because they don’t like Jerry Jones. Whatever he does, they disapprove of and for good reason.

  • betomas

    Regarding the NFL hire of Pappy Kiffin:
    Pappy is trying to go out with a bang, but the worn ol’ fart will simply go out with a thud and a thump when he hits the ground mid-season.

    • TrojanFan

      My so much disrespect for the guy, did he piss in your cheerios…..Wait!, that was your partner

      • betomas

        I’m simply offsetting the unwarranted adulation that some of the idiot fans here are giving Pappy Kiff after he screwed the program’s defense and put a nail on the coffin.

        • TrojanFan

          If the glass is half empty put some more go-go juice in it… day you’re defending the program the next you’re throwing it under the bus

          There might be a clinical reason for your behavior

          PS…..others share the same opinion about you….just saying

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Unlike most of the country, they must get the Pac 12 Network in Dallas.