Winners And Losers Of The Week

Who had a good week and who had a bad week? Here’s my winners and losers.


Monte Kiffin: Gets rewarded for having a bad season.

Pete Carroll: Wins playoff game and looks better by minute to USC fans tired of Lane Kiffin.

Michael Cooper: Doing a poor job but off to 3-0 start in Pac-12 play.

Gerald Washington: Former football player is 6-0 as a pro boxer

Robert Woods: Is finally free of meetings with Lane Kiffin and hearing play calls to opposite side of field.

Lane Kiffin: Did not lose a game this week.


Kylie Fitts: Loses scholarship just a couple days before enrolling at USC.

The Galen Center: Not much atmosphere for basketball games this season.

Kevin O’Neill: Loses to Colorado, could lose to Utah today.

USC fans: Must attend a Thursday home game Oct. 13 against Arizona when little parking will be available.

Matt Barkley: Won’t play in the Senior Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys defensive assistants: With either lose jobs or face worse option of working for Monte Kiffin.


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  • More Losers:

    Scott Wolff- jealous that he never made it in life.

    Bucket- Married ugly woman (might be a man)

    ThaiMex- Heritage. hahahahaha

    Spudjune- Old man running out of Ensure. Also married hag.

    Cadre- Organization of fools trying to finally be somebody, still 99%ers

    Mora- Dumb enough to sign an extension. Should change name to MORON.

    • Spedjones

      SC, still 38-28.

      • 50-0

        • Spedjones

          History versus present. Trogans forced to live in the past. Lol

    • Cheap seats

      Spudjune – also knows more about the Trojans and spends more time on SC blogs than his own Bruin blogs. He has seen the Rose Bowl on TV before…must count for something.

  • hah! stellar work wolfman!!

    nice catch about Honey Boo Boo chickening out of the Senior Bowl!! great decision, fats!! the big question about Boo Boo is his lack of guts, so his smart move is quitting on his team for the bowl game and now chickening out of evaluation bowl!!

    whatta gutless wussy. he is a true trOXan.

    • TrojanFan

      Wow bucket! a lot of thought went into that post

    • No argument there. F Barkley

    • nard dog

      Chocolate boy is racist. Silly little fart nugget. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • steveg

    Mora ought to be #1 loser signing an extension with #1CrimeU and wearing all those ugly colors of blue.

    • Spedjones

      Which U has students murdered just off campus? Which U is going on lockdown after dark from now on, maybe to keep more players and recruits from splitting? Haha, SUC on!

      • TrojanFan

        spedjones = spudjuice

        • marvgoux1

          Horseface Elway is the Loser of the Week with his Broncos choking thanks to gutty Rahim Moore giving up a long bomb with 40 seconds left.

  • Lucinda Dickey

    Fitts didn’t lose a scholarship. He just has to sign in February like most High School football athletes.EE’s don’t sign LOI anyways. They sign financial agreements.

    • Cheap seats

      UCLA had their meeting on the 11th and Coach Oregeron is visiting Fitts at home tomorrow, right?

  • TrojanFan

    Wolfman trolling his own blog, what a piece of shit

  • Winners:

    ND and Oregon fans, keeping their respective Kelly
    Hockey fans!


    RG3, what a bad break for such a great guy
    Lakers fans, when will the pain stop?
    ucla fans, because they will never have what we have!

    • Spedjones

      Lane? You can have him!