USC-Dallas Cowboys Connection

Remember when USC signed an agreement with Silver Star Merchandising, the company owned by the Dallas Cowboys, to produce apparel in 2011?

Here is an example, a jersey with a name on the back, a clear violation of USC tradition. Apparently another part of the agreement included the Cowboys taking Monte Kiffin off USC’s hands.

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  • FreemanDeComptonBruin

    Mr. Wolf your’re the best……keep those jabs flowing…… So like any other item U purchase, once Papa Kiffin doesn’t fit, does “the malice palace” return him to sender?

  • TroyFan52

    Garbage merchandise. Seen it up close. 20 zip dirty birds. Pete’s in trouble

  • wolfman, for the WIN!!

    wow wolfman, you barrage of kill shots to the Kiffs has a devastating onslaught of pure PAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!

    remind me NEVER to cross you, wolfman!!!

    and the kicker is, all the Dummies and Nabobs (from afar) have no choice but to take it day after DAY!!!!!

    admit it wolfman, IT’S GOOD TO BE THE WOLFMAN THESE DAYS!!!!!!

    • nard dog

      Chocolate boy is racist. Bad fart nugget. Read a book…learn something. Dodo fart smeller. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • I guess they did his junior year jersey, since his senior year they re-introduced the current single shoulder stripe uniform. In fact both Troy and Carson Palmer were the players who modeled the new uniforms.

  • Troy

    Dumb, dumb. Nike did the same thing with throwbacks.

  • Did you see the Wolff jersey? DICK on the back with #69 BlackOut’s kid has one. Has a felt pen autograph, white.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Wow Scott is running out of content already…yikes.