Keep An Eye On Reggie Theus

Former New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus will be a strong candidate for the USC basketball job. He was the final choice of several administrators when Kevin O’Neill got hired and is no doubt interested.

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  • john k

    Why cant we land someone like Shaka Smart or Brad Stevens… Great young motivators

  • Charles Bucket

    what about COOP???

    or RIck Patino??


  • Ben Doverz

    This is a typical USC coach search, meaning they don’t do one.

  • Bill

    How about Phil Jackson? Just like Bill Billicheck is coming back to coach the defense….

  • Bill

    Or bring Coop and the women along with him to play the rest of the year! They couldn’t be any worse. Zach Banner can against the women of the Pac 12.

  • Joe Blow

    What a $h!t pick that would be. Can’t coach, speak or do anything else.

  • AmerigoChattin

    No,, he won’t, Hack McHackerton.