Kevin O’Neill On Firing

“Nothing surprises me. There’s never any good timing to be fired, but it happens. It happens a lot.”

— USC coach Kevin O’Neill on being fired

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  • john reid

    When you are being paid $1.7 mil a year and producing little it doesn’t hurt as much.

  • Bounce Pass can’t hire anyone of substance until the end of the year…..why fire O’Neil now? why not give him a chance to utilize his Tri-Towers???

    A: Bounce Pass caught KOJ at the hotel bar again????

    wolfman, you go get the scoooop!!!

    • Cheap seats

      There’s a rumor that Charles Bucket will be interviewed tonight.

    • Why did you phrase both your rhetorical question and retarded answer as questions?????

      A: You never graduated.

  • KO: my wife is looking for Haden

  • TroyFan52

    I live in Pittsburgh. Sports talk radio is going crazy here with Jamie Dixon rumors to the Trojans….I didnt realize his wife is an alum. Him vs his mentor Howland would be great….assuming Howland doesn’t get canned.

    • Memo to TF….TF: why on Earth or the Heavens would Dixon leave a top program to come to the dregs??? and be beat up by his mentor for the next 4-5 yrs minimum???

      if Dixon comes to Limbo U i’ll kiss Tommy trOXan’s A$$ in front of the whole student body!!!

      but i’m not worried, Bounce Pass will panic and hire Jeri-Curl Theus or someone of his caliber……HAWR-HAWR!!!

  • TroyFan52

    Things aren’t that peachy here. Missed the tournament last year was something like 5-16 in the big east, and off to a slow start this season in conference. I dont agree either, but its definitely the talk of the town today….