Kylie Fitts Update

Defensive end Kylie Fitts met with USC assistant coach Ed Orgeron on Sunday night, his first visit with the coaching staff since he was informed he could not enroll in school for the spring semester.

According to sources the visit went fine. Fitts is going to visit UCLA and expected to stop by USC again before Signing Day.

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  1. However you look at it, the kid was hurt because USC swept the rug from under him–and right before he was going to start the semester…the kid feels disrespected, and rightly so. If he’s naive, Orgeron will lure him back in. If not, he will go to a school that really wants him and that would’ve treated him with respect in the first place.

    • First you were on one side of the fence and now you swung over to the other side, did some more insider(janitor) intel come in?…..Disrespected?….the kid still has an offer on the table…..This is a business, opinions and focus changes….quit being so narrow minded!


      • I don’t understand what you are writing about. When did I ever move from one side of the fence to the other? I simply got inside info that a recruit (Fitts) would decommit by last Tuesday and posted it and, obviously, my source was correct. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think USC handled it horribly and blundered in dashing EE hopes for a die hard USC commit. No narrow mindedness here…just calling a duck a duck.

    • If the kid’s parents weren’t so cheap, they could have paid for one semester and the kid could have started a few weeks ago. A bunch of cheap screws.

        • Trojanfan – you are a typical obnoxious TROJAN FAN. Win at all costs – it’s all just a business transaction etc. Whether or not this may be the reality of modern recruiting, it takes a special Trojan perspective to attack a kid for feeling bad about having his early enrollment scholarship agreement rescinded.

          Btw – it’s been a few hours since you’ve reposted your superbly creative line, “the Bruins will get some USC scrapes” I must have seen you post that a dozen times before you figured out that “scraps” is not spelled with an e. Well done.

          • “Penis Breath!” – and this from a guy telling a 17 year old kid to put on some “big boy pants.” Sorry Shakespeare – I’m an original “Troll” that just got tired of reading your hot air all over this blog. Seriously – grow up.

      • Actually, sounds like his parents are smart. Nobody should pay for the sh*t education you get at SC. LOL! Lose on!

        • lol, remember all those college rankings they have online? The ones who have usc and ucla tied? Yeah, it must be a shitty education if you bruins can’t figure out how to use google.

      • Alright, Mr. Livin’ Large….Whateeeever you say. lmao at your stupidity and lack of education and common sense.

  2. He ain’t coming why would he. They pretty much said the other kids better and we want him to enroll early. No way.

    • I think it was more like “wtf we have 4 DBs next year we need some fucking DBs. shitshitshitshitshit” and less “we think his personality is more in line with where we want our team to be spiritually next year”.

  3. If Orgeron can’t save him nobody can. They just have to sell Fitts that recruiting is very fluid and dynamic situation especially with SC’s limitations. With Robey gone SC is weak in the secondary and needed to get McQuay in early. Get him into some classes at a JC and into the weight room. See him in June.

  4. I’m anything but a Kiffin apologist. However, if what I read was correct, it’s a situation of ambiguity.

    One of the seniors failed his chemistry class, and unexpectedly did not graduate. Who would have expected that, in a student’s last semester, he would take a hard class that he couldn’t pass?

    USC lost Redfield, and NEEDED a safety recruit. McQuay wanted to enroll early. He was from out of state. His parents were ambivalent about USC. USC could have declined to admit McQuay, and not finalized the recruitment until February, leaving other teams to keep to recruit McQuay until then. That would have been a risky gambit, and USC didn’t take that risk.

    Fitts was a terrific recruit as well, but DE is less of a position of immediate need. Fitts has an injured wrist–is he even available for Spring practice?

    Fitts was justifiably hurt and angered by the decision. You can’t blame him for feeling that way. He WILL very likely attend elsewhere, and it will be a loss for USC.

    Kiffin was in a difficult situation, because of the sanctions, in conjunction with USC’s priority of needs. I can’t entirely blame him, either.

    Sometimes life is not fair or kind. And sometimes life doesn’t give you easy decisions.

    If what I read is correct, it’s too simplistic to label the Fitts matter a “blunder by the program.” And I think Kiffin has blundered plenty in other matters.


    • The blunder was in the timing and in the fact that they did it to a local kid who bleeds catchup and mustard in favor of kid from Florida who apparently chose SC because he wants a music career.

      • It may turn out that Kiffin should have known earlier that he would not have the spot. Again, I just know what I read, which is that a senior unexpectedly failed his chemistry class–which certainly could have been late-breaking news to Kiffin.

        Let’s not be naive about recruiting: it’s mutual use and benefit BY BOTH SIDES. It’s not god’s work.

        It doesn’t matter why Redfield chose Notre Dame at the Army All-Star Game, or why McQuay chose USC. What matters is that USC NEEDED a safety, and put that need first, rather than letting McQuay have month to think about it.

        In your opinion, it’s black and white that USC should have stuck with their representation to Fitts, even though Redfield decommitted. I can see your argument–it’s just that I can see the other side as well. Kiffin protected the program.

        You’re a UCLA person, as I recall. UCLA dropped several California OLs after they got a couple of big-time commits from far away. THAT’S RECRUITING.

        It’s like real life, once you move outside the love of your children, and the like. The universities AND the recruits are all jockeying for their respective best interests. For the sake of the team, Fitts was asked to enroll in summer. Fitt’s anger at USC is about his own ego and desires, not what is in USC’s best interest. And I’m not criticizing Fitts about that. However, I don’t care for the black and white thinking, or the excessive moralizing.

        Now, when you can show me that Kiffin knew materially earlier, and chose to be deceptive to manipulate Fitts, that will be different. Not only would that make Kiffin explicitly shady, it would make him stupid!

      • Hey spudjuice the only timing you need to worry about is when to open the closet door….this site is like viagra to you

    • Well said, hard choices had to be made at the last minute. We’ll never know how well Kiffin and Orgeron handled it. If Fitts still comes to SC we’ll know they pulled it off some how. Otherwise good luck to him.

  5. Recruiting is becoming increasingly dog eat dog. A program will do what is in its best interest and will generate much money from its football program. On the other hand, this may be a recruit’s only chance to choose; where he will live and get his education- not to mention, play football. I think what is needed is some good old fashion respect from both sides. SC is a difficult position scholarship wise and I don’t agree with Fitts- or anyone for that matter-posting tweets and crying to the local paper. I think he made an emotional decision and part of becoming a mature person is not making emotional decisions. His coach gave him bad advice IMO.

    • Arturito Deck of Cards, wouldn’t you say that an institution has to hold itself to a higher of integrity and action? You are comparing a young 17-18 year old kid to a goddamned university, after all.

      • Hey betomas,( aka The Insider) Looks like you’re in the minority here and your argument has hit a deadend

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