O’Neill Firing As A Diversionary Tactic

Why not wait until the end of the season to fire Kevin O’Neill? Here’s one theory: People are complaining so much about Lane Kiffin coming back, firing O’Neill takes some heat off the topic and takes away the image the athletic dept. is incapable of replacing the coach of a major sport.

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  • Independent_George

    Stupid theory.

    Remember Bibby was fired mid-season.

    It’s clear that O’Neill is not even a decent HC. Anyone with half as brain and who watched USC play understood that O’Neill’s team was athletic, played hard, but had the basketball IQ of Wolf, which is barley more than the null set.

    It is clear O’Neill is not/was not the person to rebuild the program. So why wait until then end of the season, when there might be a sudden late surge, or, more likely if O’Neill loses it and does/says something embarrassing.

    Do it now, make it clean, give the kids who are here some hope, and start sending out feelers now.

  • Independent_George

    Theory: “A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, esp. one based on general principles independent of the thing to be”

    That is not a theory. It is nothing more than your typical Wolf brain fart.

    • FreemanDeComptonBruin

      THANK U ” THESAURUS_George”

      • Do you really not know the difference between a dictionary and thesaurus?

        • FreemanDeComptonBruin

          Admit it, Thesaurus George has a better ring to it. B.T.W….. A thesaurus is a dictionary, not so smarty pants…. look it up.

          U do know I don’t usually respond to U because I choose to ignore U. f.y.i.

          • Because when someone give you a definition your first response is ‘nope, that can’t be a dictionary’.

  • I agree with Wolf on this. Hayden has been feeling increasing heat from the press (and alumni). This move was obvious from day 1. O’Neill had a new center to attract top recruits and failed – in a large part because his coaching style was unattractive and ineffective.

    Now that Hayden had pulled the trigger once, perhaps he will have the guts to do the obvious and fire Kiffen.

    • Nobody gives a $h!t what you think. Or Wolff either.

      • marvgoux1

        Who appointed you blog monitor? If you don’t like it here go somewhere else.

        • Eat my wet fart old man

          • marvgoux1

            You’re a disgrace to true Trojans.

  • wolfman, you hit it out of the park AGAIN!!!!

    you know these bums better than they know themselves!!!

    • nard dog

      Said same thing last post. The Nard dog days for you to take your nose out of his asshole.

  • FreemanDeComptonBruin

    Petty Hayden oops, Pat Hayden pulled a gratuitous and petty act by firing O’Neil. If he was worth his salt, he would have shown “Lame the Flame” the outer walls of troy. Which sport is drawing national attention for its epic underachievement? I’m sure, it ain’t the hapless men’s BB team that hasn’t been relevant since Paul Westphal or someone before him.

    Hayden has the nations attention and showed all on lookers that he’s not FANATICAL about sc football. Hell, Chizik lead Auburn to a National Championship win about 2 years ago. Auburn showed Chizik the door as if he hadn’t did anything worth while for the University. So why is Hayden so reluctant to fire an OVER HYPED underachieving, Lying, cheating football coach? Hayden is INEPT or COWARDLY, U choose.

    • >hadn’t did

      all of my lol

      • Don’t be so had on BlackOut.

  • Is there anything wrong or bad that happens in this world that isn’t LK s fault? SW this is too much..

    • FreemanDeComptonBruin

      No Sir, not really…. Truthfully, I hope Hayden gives Flame a “Life Time Contract” They deserve each other. U defending Flame? is the real QUESTION.

  • grave soul

    This post gave me a good laugh! Thanks for the funnies, Wolf!

  • EncinitasBruin

    A post that could only be written by someone who has never worked in business: You don’t fire a junior employee as a “diversionary tactic” to take heat off the CEO. Wow, I don’t know how you Trojans can put up with SW.

    • Independent_George

      Most don’t, and those who do come here mainly to laugh. Anyway, since this blog is read by a large number of Bruin trolls who comment under numerous screenames, such as FreemanDeComptonBruin, Scott’s ignorance about everything expect Girl Bands is pretty much understood.