Some Early Names For USC Basketball Job

Here’s some potential early candidates to replace USC basketball coach Kevin O’Neill:

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher, St. Mary’s coach Randy Bennett, Long Beach State coach Dan Monson, Colorado State coach Larry Eustachy.

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  • Steve Alford?

  • Fisher is ancient, hire someone younger than Mathousala

    • gotroy22

      Yes a good mid major coach who can teach and rebuild, not some shattered old drunk has been.

      • Spedjones

        Funny that SC fans are calling Fisher, who has SDSU in the top 25 for years on end now, a has-been. SC basketball, as a never-was, would be lucky to land such a has-been.

        • Didn’t call him a has been, he’s at the end of a nice career, he’s not what SC needs right now, he would have been a great hire 10 years ago though.

        • gotroy22

          Yet we hired a coach so hated the players mutinied at Arizona.

  • what about Jim/George Raveling???

    i looked him up, he is currently Nike’s Director of International Basketball!!

    he could class up this horrendous train wreck called Southern Cal Athletics!!!

    • BearBryant3


    • How about Henry Bibby? I’m sure his gut feels much better.

    • Or gene bartow? He’s a real ball burner.

  • Geez, just what we need… Larry Eustachy partying with our co-eds. Ick.

    • gotroy22

      I am glad we fired that disgusting drunk and now Pat can get us the best up and coming mid-major coach during March Madness. Well timed indeed!

  • trojanmacd

    how about gregg marshall from wichita state?

    • Golden Trojan

      He’s got his team in the top 25, from a mid major conference, if not him someone like him.

  • Nemesis

    Are these candidates the best we can do? Uninspiring choices at best.

    • BearBryant3

      Have you seen usc home games not very inspiring

  • Golden Trojan

    Is this the SW list or do you actually have some inside info? Steve Fischer has a top 20 program in San Diego, why would he move up to LA? San Diego is his last stop before he retires. Can USC pay top 25 salary for a HC and staff? What was O’Neil making?

    • Golden Trojan

      According to USA Today, Fisher is getting $560K. The top 30 coaches are getting at least a Million. O’Neil, according to LA Times, was getting 1.7 Million. So SC can certainly afford a top notch big name coach. No excuses Haden.

  • Seriously, this is a $H!T job. On par, maybe even a little lower, than the Fucla football head coaching position. As much as I’d like to get a big name coach, it won’t happen. We’ll be lucky to have Cruz do baseball AND basketball. Remember who is at the helm. He’s dumb as a rock and driving SC athletics into the groud.

  • AmerigoChattin

    Not sure how Wolf assembles his AP Top 25 vote, when he doesn’t even know who coaches are outside of California?

    Steve Fisher!? Dude is 80.

    Randy Bennett? Gets all his players from Australia

    Larry Eustacy!?!? W T F !?!?! You think would touch him in a billion years??

  • Ted

    Just give the Job to Michael Cooper! Let him run both programs…like in Jr. high…cause SC basketball is on par.

  • Eddie Torres

    For the record, Steve Fisher is making close to $900K plus bonus and not $560K. USC needs more than just a great coach they need their fan base to show up. Attended a game recently a whopping 3K fans showed up. The arena was a sleep and the product on the floor was weak. Fisher will not leave SDSU because of what SDSU agreed with him…coach in waiting clause, meaning his assistant head coach is the next coach in line if he retires at SDSU. He will not disrespect his long friend Coach Dutcher to help save a sinking ship.