USC Fires Basketball Coach Kevin O’Neill

USC athletic director Pat Haden fired Kevin O’Neill this morning.

“It was hard for me to evaluate him as a head coach until this year when he had enough players and veterans to compete,” Haden said. “As the season progressed, it became evident to me that we needed new leadership in our men’s basketball program. Despite a nice road win in our last game, I felt it was best to make a change now, with most of the Pac-12 season still ahead of us, in order to re-energize our team.”

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  • Joe Blow

    Pony Express arrives early.

  • Ben Doverz

    If only he had done this with Kiffin. But, after LOI day, he could fire his sorry ass.

  • Swoll Francis

    I wonder if Hayden took him out for a drink when he gave him the news!

    • Joe Blow

      Haden made sure KO’s wife wasn’t around!

    • betomas

      Do you think O’Neill let him fondle his butt after a few drinks? Haden is a putz.

  • Casey S

    He stated that he couldn’t evaluate him until the team was at full strength, that’s when he was fired. Leads me to believe that’s what will happen to Kiffin as well. Since our restrictions have what, 2 years left, I imagine we’re stuck with the boy coach for the same amount of time.

    • Ben Doverz

      Yep, and by then SC will be in the shatter again.

      • gotroy22

        This is the first step in redeeming USC mens hoops!

  • steveg

    Finally, Haden steps up and becomes the athletic director. Perhaps he can get the zen master to come in and finish the season.